Jimmy vs Dubya – Military Deaths

Our troops were safer going to war under Cowboy George than they were serving in peace time under Jimmy Milquetoast.

Chrissy’s Site Bites: http://news.webshots.com/photo/2758155040056011884XHKdQY
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3 responses to “Jimmy vs Dubya – Military Deaths

  1. A Mindful Webworker

    Fun with statistics. However, I wonder… a lot of things.

    What are the comparative numbers on the size of the military in those years, the per capita ratio? What changes of culture or technology, training or techniques actually effected the difference in non-hostile deaths? Knowing what made the difference over those 25 years could be important to continuing the trend.

    Also, selecting these two years doesn’t necessarily signify trending; those could be statistically anomalous periods for whatever reasons. Lots of difference in the whole world in those 25 years. Would be interesting to see the larger picture.

    I’m not knocking the graphic (nor trying to detract from its wtf impact), and I am not suggesting that you need to go do all that other research! (heh:) Just musing. Wonder what the comparative figures would be in, say, the worst of WW1. Logistics and technology in the past took quite a “non-hostile” toll.

    Also… I guess Carter’s helicopter in the desert counted as accidental.

    Ramblin’ on now.