Racism in the Laughing Stock Media

Dearest and I were talking about how the Laughing Stock Media has consistently used skewed polls to make Obama look better than he is.

I’ve seen O’bots on the net insisting that he’s the MOST popular president in history when in fact, his HIGHEST ever GALLUP approval rating (67%) is a tie with Richard Nixon’s for the LOWEST highest ever recorded.

It seems to me the media’s behavior is deeply racist. The President of the United States is the most powerful man on the planet. Why do they feel this need to act as if Obama were a spastic child who should rightfully be celebrated for taking a single step? Are their expectations of a black man in the White House THAT low?

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One response to “Racism in the Laughing Stock Media

  1. When it comes to the racist lamestream media, we can’t win. They can do what in academia is called “race norming” — giving students with more melanin in their bodies extra credit and higher scores than a melanin-challenged student would get for equivalent work — and if any renegade right-winger is rude enough to point out what they’re doing, it’s the right-winger who gets branded “racist.”

    As Pistol Pete says, we’re not racist — we hate Obama’s white half just as much as his black half. And anyway it’s his noxious ideas and beliefs that we detest, not the fact that one of his parents happened to be black.