We are a Center-Right Nation

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The Leftist rant that Republicans and Conservatives are right-wing extremists is a lie. We are the middle. They are the extremists.


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11 responses to “We are a Center-Right Nation

  1. GP

    If you were to do this by county instead of states, you would see a very different picture. For instance in IL you would see 3 small blue areas in a sea of red.


    • I’ve seen that graphic somewhere. I can’t remember where I saw it, though. Do you have a link to it, GP?


      • chrissythehyphenated

        I’d love to have access to this info for any state, but most especially the heavily blue ones. I was looking at the maps above to list them and noticed anomalies I missed yesterday. Check out Alaska and New Hampshire … BELOW avg Conservative, ABOVE avg Republican. ?


        • I’m sure I saw a map that had the whole U.S. colored red and blue according to counties rather than states. It had to have been right after a presidential election, and I know it wasn’t 2008, so I’m guessing it was 2004. It was astonishing how small and isolated most of the blue patches were, and how vast were the red spaces. Wish I could find it now.


  2. KellyM.

    I am blessed to live in one of the few red counties in NY state…I hope to help keep it that way!


    • Ting

      Yay, KellyM!


    • I’m not so lucky. I live in a blue town in a blue state, and everywhere I go I see “Obama 2012” and “Recall Scott Walker” bumper stickers. And every time I see one, I send up a silent prayer that the misguided soul who put that sticker on his/her car will be mugged by reality. As you can imagine, I spend a lot of time praying. 😉


  3. GP

    Check out this link: note the GOP is in blue for some reason


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