Left vs Right on Abortion

The slippery slope is real and the Left is at the bottom. Bipartisanship and compromise be damned. There are only two sides to this issue and, as with slavery, Republicans are on the right side.

When should the “moral value” of any human life begin? How about at conception, when we have the first living cell containing a full complement of human DNA? Possibly at implantation, when we have a living human organism capable of taking in nourishment and growing.

Anything later than conception or implantation and you have your butt on that slippery slope at the bottom of which is the justified killing of live, healthy human babies for any reason whatsoever.

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4 responses to “Left vs Right on Abortion

  1. KellyM.

    Came across this group who are trying to do the right thing regarding abortion…leftists hate requiring sonograms before an abortion..which, in my opinion, means it must be working.



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