Riffing on Sandra

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Graphic: 2012_03 08 Nancy shocked at bad words about Fluke > Values – Left v Right
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I read what Fancy Nancy had to say about Fluke’s “courage” in coming forward. There was this one bit about how horrible it was for one student who was told right at the pharmacy counter that her insurance didn’t cover birth control and she was OMG embarrassed and OMG had to walk away.

Well, crap. I guess we just should take a big black Magic Marker to that damn First Amendment thing about religious freedom and force that damn Catholic college to pay for her damn birth control. Right? I mean, What Would Jesus Do? LET her be EMBARRASSED?! It’s unspeakable. It’s outrageous. It can’t be allowed!

Graphic: Fluke leading the Leftists > Values – Left v Right
Chrissy’s Site Bites: http://news.webshots.com/photo/2518786520056011884ifQNhw
H/t to angelaisms for idea about using Delacroix’s famous “Liberty Leading the People.”


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6 responses to “Riffing on Sandra

  1. Those pictures are hilarious, Chrissy… even if inappropriate for a family site. 🙂
    Oh, and btw, I stole your great line about “keeping out of our wallets” for b.o.b. 🙂


    • p.s. Although I recall very little of what I learned in high school biology, I do remember learning about the liver fluke — I suppose it stuck in my head, despite my terrible memory, because “fluke” is such a funny-sounding word. Pronouncing if “flook” (rhymes with “book”), as Sandra does, doesn’t improve the situation — it just creates endless temptation for juvenile and/or salacious plays-on-words.


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