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Yesterday afternoon I was posted in front of my machine,researching items for today’s post.DW came in and handed me a package and said: ‘your friends are at it again!’I logged off and spent the next hour poring over the most magnificent book I’ve ever read.I looked at the map of Cathy’s travels and wished she could tell me of her great adventure and all the wonderful people she met.She is undoubtedly the only doll ever photographed with Montana state officials.She really looked her happiest with the precious children she visited.
It is times like this I truly wish I had the capacity to tell you all how much you mean to me and how I love each and every one of you.This magnificent book and the wonderful comforter the ladies at Bob’s church made are two of the greatest gifts I have ever received.The love that went into making them is beyond beyond price or measure to me.I will treasure them as long as God permits me to be here.
Please know that I give thanks and pray for continued health and happiness to each and every one here.What I do for you seems so minor in comparison to what I get in return.
Just know you have my eternal gratitude for accepting me into your hearts.
I love you all.


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He’s beatable, but we have our work cut out for us.

Compare the numbers on the two bar graphs with each other and with this little factoid:
    Feb. 9, 2012 Rasmussen Poll
    40% of Likely U.S. Voters said Obama’s performance
    in the economic area is GOOD or EXCELLENT.

Chrissy’s Site Bites: http://news.webshots.com/photo/2001870270056011884ksCCtF
Click on graphics to embiggen.

THE GOOD NEWS is that his core supporters are a minority whose beliefs and policies offend all that most of us hold dear.

THE BAD NEWS is that, while 65% say the country is going in the wrong direction, 15% turn around and give Obama a positive approval rating and 5% are so out-to-lunch they actually give him good to excellent ratings on the economy!

Anyone who knows the FACTS knows that Obama’s policies are the same as the Democrats’ standard agenda of raising taxes and increasing spending.

Anyone who knows the FACTS knows that these policies have dominated the federal agenda since Democrats took over Congress in 2006 and brought on and sustained the worst economy this country has endured since the Great Depression.

THE FACT IS that the Democrat Media Complex is NOT telling people the FACTS.

It’s no surprise this is our biggest challenges this year. I found a very recent poll of voter trust in t.v. news sources (January 2012) by Public Policy Polling.  Granted, PPP is a Democratic Party-affiliated polling firm … which is definitely reflected in the snarky comments readers posted under the poll report. Surprisingly, though, I didn’t find any bias in the PPP survey sample. And I really ground those numbers LOOKING for one!

At 700, the sample is short of the ideal 1,000 or more. But the demographics for gender and race are close to the general population. I think the age groups are as well, though I did find a rather serious error in the way the data is reported.

I.e., the age groupings in the question do not match the age groupings in the data. However, I compared the percents with the 2010 census and found the question groupings match well with the percents reported. My conclusion is that someone just screwed up the row labels.

In any event, the Big One … the one thing that biased political polls skew the worst … is the breakdown by party affiliation. And this one the PPP poll got bang on.  GALLUP does a running poll on this subject (URL below), so it’s easy enough to compare how well any survey’s sample matches the population for the date it was taken.

Jan 2012     PPP Sample    GALLUP Party Affiliation Poll
Democrat            41%              30%         47%    with leaners
Republican         35%              27%         44%    with leaners
Independent      24%              42%           9%

PPP over-polled Democrats by 11% and Republicans by 8%, apparently giving a 3% advantage to Democrats. However, 3% is exactly how much Democrats polled over Republicans when leaners were included. So I’m going with accepting the poll results as fairly accurate of American voter opinion about broadcast news media for January 2012.

I spent hours massaging the numbers. I even made some graphics that turned out to say nothing much. So I deleted them again. It turns out there wasn’t anything surprising in the data. Republicans trust Fox. Democrats don’t. What else is new?

One thing did really stick out for me in the survey and that is that they included Comedy Central in the list of “t.v. news sources.” Huh?

I looked it up. The closest “news show” I can find on Comedy Central is “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” … “Describing itself as a fake news program, The Daily Show draws its comedy and satire from recent news stories, political figures, media organizations, and often, aspects of the show itself.”

IOW, PPP included a show that chooses what news it will cover based on where Jon and his writers find the best jokes. That is kinda creeptastic all by itself. But just to make it even more “What the hell do these people use for brains?” … the survey found 28% of all respondents saying they trust Comedy Central as a news source.

The “trust” breakdown was 36% Democrat, 37% Independent, and (sadly) 12% Republican. I’m guessing those last ones are like the fellow Dearest talked to when he was collecting Republican ballot signatures. This older gentleman said he was a lifelong Republican, that he really missed Clinton and thought that Carter was the greatest president in American history. Oy.

Chrissy’s Site Bites: http://news.webshots.com/photo/2824491250056011884JWNTSJ

I was kinda creeped out that Comedy Central came in second (not first) on the most distrusted list, but then I got thinking about it and realized the #1 most distrusted (Fox) needs to be set apart from the rest. As the only news source that gives Conservatives a fair shake, it’s the obvious target for Libtards to pick as most distrusted. Our side, however, has to choose from among seven different, left-biased sources.

I got thinking what my #1 least trusted is on that list and realized it would come down to Comedy Central or MSNBC. Since Comedy Central occasionally sticks it to Obama et al. whereas MSNBC has that thrill up the leg thing going for all things Democrat, I decided I’d go with MSNBC.  And … what do you know? The top two most distrusted tv news sources that are not Fox were Comedy Central (16%) and MSNBC (15%).

I think I have sufficiently established that we can safely IGNORE the one-in-three voters who are either hard core Leftists or else too stoned on Leftist kool-aid to listen to anything we’d have to say.  One can hope the “too stoned” will party hearty the night before election day and be too hung over to remember to vote. Or else that they’ll be too dumb to find their polling place … especially those of us who are being redistricted so who the heck knows WHERE we’ll be sent to vote this year.

As for the rest … 50% of us are on board. How we shake down in the electoral college is an important issue, of course, but we only need to win enough votes, not all the votes, or even a ‘whelming majority of votes.

I think the key is to continue telling the TRUTH. We’ve got the facts and the record of history on our side. All they’ve got is a lot of news media sources willing to do free PR for the Democrats.

And honestly … I don’t think it’s working all that well for them any more. One in five liberals said they do trust Fox News, but do not trust MSNBC. One in four Democrats said they do trust Fox News, but do not trust MSNBC.

People really hate being lied to, so once they get wise to how biased the Laughing Stock Media really is, they’re not going to go back. We just need to stay on point, not let them choose the agenda, and never back down when they call us names.

I am Andrew Breitbart!



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