I am Andrew Breitbart

“Conservatives used to take it, but we’re not going to take it anymore.” Andrew Breitbart

I am Andrew Breitbart [2:47]

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For more on the Rush ads and Carbonite, plus a list of Rush sponsors (and contact information) who pulled their ads in sympathy with or due to pressure from Leftist Thuggery, go to http://spectator.org/archives/2012/03/05/rally-for-rush/

H/t to Pete’s Grudge Report for links to Breitbart video and to


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8 responses to “I am Andrew Breitbart

  1. GP

    This is so great! Carbonite will never recover, and they have been exposed for being run by a lefty so no conservative will ever use it again. They idiot just destroyed his own company. LMAO
    But I am still mad at Rush.
    He brought up the Avastin and Mammography lies again yesterday!
    Hey Rush,
    When it comes to women’s health, you don’t know what you are talking about. Get educated or shut your big mouth.


    • I heard that too, and cringed. I wish the man had enough sense to stick to subjects he knows something about, and leave the other stuff alone. He is as ignorant about health-related matters as liberals are about economics, history, the Constitution, and morality.


      • GP

        Maybe we should start a petition.
        Women who want Rush to stop talking about women!
        After all, his track record when it comes to marriage speaks for itself.
        Rush knows politics through and through. But I doubt he even understands one fact about females.


        • chrissythehyphenated

          Now, now. He probably does know one fact. But I am not going to get into what that fact would be. This is a family site.


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