Join the dots, for God’s sake!

Ann McElhinney of Frack Nation at CPAC [2:48]

Wonderful … do not miss this one.


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3 responses to “Join the dots, for God’s sake!

  1. I fracking love it!
    (Hmmm… my spell checker didn’t like that word.)


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Got an interesting email. I thought it was a Leftie Loonie trying to scam my IRL info, because it was a hotmail addy, not a Questerre addy.

      So I sent it to Questerre via their Contact Us email and got back from them that the woman is who she says she is.

      So I wrote to her, but I’m still not going to give her my IRL info.
      “My name is Summer Bowie and I am the office administrator at Questerre Energy Corporation. We read your recent blog “Media Bias Against Fracking” and thought that it was very insightful and well written. We would love to have the opportunity to speak to you in the future about your views on Hydraulic Fracturing. Would you be interested in providing us with your contact information so that we may perhaps contact you in the future?

      “I thank you for your time and for publishing a great blog, that was a pleasure to read.

      I look forward to being in contact with you shortly.”