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Obama in a nutshell

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Great discussions yesterday!Your comments on the horrendous decision that poor man made brought up views I,as a male of the species,had not considered.

OK,from Pete’s dictionary:

Whore (n): a girl who will give it to anybody
Slut (n): a girl who will give it to anybody but you

Barry desperately wants Bibi to delay attacking Iran until after the election.
Does Netanyahu trust putting the fate of his country in this shitheel’s hands?Don’t bet on it.


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Join the dots, for God’s sake!

Ann McElhinney of Frack Nation at CPAC [2:48]

Wonderful … do not miss this one.


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Civil Rights and the Democratic Party

The next time anyone claims that Democrats have been supporting civil rights in America since the dawn of time, send them here:

Mythbusting DNC’s Historical Lies @

Chrissy’s Site Bites: http://community.webshots.com/album/582444369XbbevP

Granted, most of the examples are from before most of us were born. But the Democrat website claims they have “worked to pass” and “led the fight” on “every one of our nation’s Civil Rights laws” which is just pure donkey manure.

Those who actually admit to the truth of the Democratic Party’s history still manage to claim that TODAY’S Democrats are the Good People, because all those Bad Old Racist Southern Democrats went and defected to the Republican Party where they acted like a rotten apple in the pro-civil rights barrel of the GOP so that now ALL Republicans are EVIL RAAAAACISTS!

Yeah, right.

The Republican Party was founded in 1854 with the express purpose of ending slavery in the United States. When the first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln, was elected, Southern Democrats seceded from the union rather than accept him as their national leader.

The voting records make it clear that from that time straight through the civil rights acts of 1964-65, it was Republicans who were fighting for civil rights advancements and Democrats who were fighting them.

What has been the big exception since then?


But it is only Democrats who consider the legal killing of unborn Americans to be a civil right.

Republicans consider it worse than slavery or capital punishment. Slaves were fed and housed. Capital criminals get free legal counsel and years of mandatory appeals. The inconvenient unborn aren’t even granted an advocate to speak for them, never mind a hearing or a waiting period before they can be summarily executed.

And they didn’t lose their unalienable Right to Life because a majority of Americans decided they should. They were deemed “nonpersons” (i.e., “property”) under the law by a 5-4 decision of the Supreme Court.

And this society-changing legal decision wasn’t based on any clearly stated unalienable right that had been written into the Constitution by our founding fathers.

It was based on a shadowy right that only some of the most liberal of the justices claimed to have discerned in the “penumbra” of rights listed therein.

(The penumbra is the lighter part of a shadow. The darker part is called the umbra.)

More than 50 million unborn Americans have been slaughtered because a handful of black robed justices and a majority of Democrats decided that this unstated and shadowy “right to privacy” was more important than the clearly stated and spotlighted-in-the-first-line “right to life.”

When it comes to civil rights, 50 million dead babies is about all the modern Democratic Party can really call its own … and they call us the evil ones.


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