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In the eye of the beholder

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Rush Limbaugh used the words “slut” and “prostitute” to describe a woman, Sandra Fluke, who went before Congress in an attempt to force someone else to pay for her contraception.

The appropriately-named Ms. Fluke, though apparently fully at ease publicly demanding subsidies for her private sex life, came down with a massive case of the vapors upon hearing Mr. Limbaugh’s comments.

Chrissy’s Site Bites: http://news.webshots.com/photo/2843195390056011884TSSKrk

After being revived with smelling salts, she proclaimed, while fanning herself repeatedly, that Mr. Limbaugh’s comments were an effort to “shut her up.”

No, Ms. Fluke, they were not. His comments were an effort to introduce you to a concept that is sadly unfamiliar to many of my generation: shame.

And you ought to be ashamed. Your entire argument is based on the idea that women are such moronic sex-maniacs that, unless someone else freely provides every form of birth control known to man, we’ll all be popping out babies like crack-addled Pez dispensers.

It is you, Ms. Fluke, not Mr. Limbaugh, who has been demonstrating a clear case of misogyny and anti-feminism.

I don’t disagree with Mr. Limbaugh’s apology, especially since he made it clear the he was apologizing not for the message, but the packaging.

But I’m not about to string the man up by his thumbnails for calling Ms. Fluke sexually-charged names when she’s the one who brought up her sex life in the first place — again, in the context of trying to force other people to pay for it.

And I’m especially inclined to cut the man some slack, considering all this came around the same time as the death of one of his most accomplished colleagues and a bomb scare at his own home.

It takes a deeply good person to apologize when

A.) He should be the last one apologizing, and
B.) The person to whom he is apologizing is the sort of shameless hack who will almost certainly use it as a weapon against him.

Mr. Limbaugh, you have more than earned my respect.

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I used to take some weekends off,but since people are finding us I’ll try to make sure it’s worth their while.

It looks like this Sandra Flake thing was a well-planned attempt to distract from the abominable performance of the Pres__ent(no president w/o id)and keep the focus on moral issues where the liberals think they hold the upper hand.The first few items on this thread are all related and I think you will see a pattern emerging.Either that or I’m having a psychotic episode.

I’d lay even money men aren’t even her first choice.


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Republicans, Democrats and Blacks

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The Civil Rights Act of 1871 is still one of the most powerful authorities with which state and federal courts may protect those whose rights are deprived.

Ku Klux Klan means “Circle of Brothers” [kuklos = Greek for circle].

1869–1871   41st Congress   3 Blacks, all Republicans, 1 Senator
1871–1873   42nd Congress  5 Blacks, all Republicans
1873–1875   43rd Congress   7 Blacks, all Republicans
1875–1877   44th Congress   7 Blacks, all Republicans, 1 Senator
1877–1879   45th Congress   4 Blacks, all Republicans, 1 Senator

Enforcement of the Civil Rights Act of 1871 suppressed Klan activity. In 1874 and later, newly organized and openly active paramilitary organizations, such as the White League and the Red Shirts, started a fresh round of violence aimed at suppressing blacks’ voting and running Republicans out of office.

The violence and laws designed to prevent Blacks from voting allowed segregationist white Democrats to regain political power in all Southern states by 1877.

The number of Blacks elected to Congress began to decline until, from 1902 to 1929, there were none.



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