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Obama Favors Students Getting Paid to Screw While Screwing Over Troops
By Angelaisms – Posted on March 2, 2012

The past fortnight has really been a microcosm of what Barack Obama is really about.

The media went off in an orgasmic explosion this morning, practically wetting themselves to jump on the “story” about Rush Limbaugh calling Georgetown Law student/professional activist Sandra Fluke a slut.

Now, in the interest of fairness, I will say that I think Mr. Limbaugh made a poor choice of words in the matter. The proper term for a person who expects his or her sex life to be subsidized by, well, anyone, is “whore.” But I digress.

Not one to miss a moment like this, our dear President reportedly called Ms. Fluke personally to make the sad, sad puppy dog eyes with her over the phone. (I guess asking her over for a beer would have raised too many eyebrows.) And in so doing, we find Mr. Obama yet again offering his Presidential condolences to someone who, in all actuality, owes us a massive apology.

I’m referring, of course, to what Sarah Palin brilliantly dubbed the President’s “naive apology to savages” in Afghanistan. For anyone who was stuck under a rock as these events unfolded, here’s the short version: Our troops in Afghanistan disposed of desecrated Korans – desecrated, I might add, by Taliban prisoners they were holding – in the manner proscribed by Islam, which is burning them. For our troops’ heinous act of respecting the religious traditions of a country in which people are still trying to kill them, there were riots in the streets and some of our troops were murdered by Afghani soldiers. In what has got to be the most dickless move of the 21st century, President Obama apologized. And when his initial apology precipitated more riots and more murders of our troops, he apologized again.

What was the definition of insanity again?

Now, I live on a military base. My husband is in no immediate danger of deployment, but I do have two neighbors who were recently deployed to Afghanistan, leaving wives and children back home. Another neighbor is expecting her husband to be home soon. I spent some time chatting with one of those wives, a friend of mine, yesterday, and found out that she won’t even ask her husband if he’s near all the rioting. She’s already dealing with some mild insomnia, you see, and has no desire to make it worse.

These are good people, brave men – one of whom, judging by the bumper sticker, actually voted for the guy whose spineless, pantywaist penchant for inappropriate apologetics has now put him and his comrades-in-arms in even more danger of coming home in a box.

Just when I thought my indignity meter could go no higher, Obama dropped another bomb on the military in the form of his budget proposal, in which he outlines his desire for enormous increases to Tricare premiums for veterans, active duty military, and their families.

It was back during the New Deal era that companies started offering benefits as part of employee compensation packages, mainly as a way to get around FDR’s arbitrary salary caps; as such, it is now common for people to take a lower-paying job because the benefits make up for the cut in pay. It’s no secret that military personnel receive a fraction of the take-home pay that they would be getting in the private sector, but this is offset somewhat by housing benefits and Tricare, the military health care program. (Also, the fact that the military paid for your training in the first place.)

Anyone who’s had to deal with the labyrinth of red tape that is Tricare can tell you that it’s not ideal. This is not because of incompetence – these aren’t graduates of BillyBob’s Online School of Self-Medicatin’ or anything – it’s the result of the unholy trinity of massive bureaucracy, lots of patients, and cushy, cushy job security. My most recent experience in military healthcare was actually pretty decent, but previous ones have ranged from facepalm-worthy to out-and-out infuriating. It’s a pretty clear-cut case of “You get what you pay for” — and now the Dumb Bastard wants to jack up premiums by up to 300% while cheerfully whistling past his union buddies??

(As an aside: my favorite question that I got from ObamaCare supporting friends was, “Well, Tricare is better than nothing, right?” Yes. Yes it is. And dog food is better than starving; that doesn’t mean you force everyone onto the Purina diet.)

In one of the speeches Michelle Obama gave on the 2008 campaign trail, she promised something to the effect of, “Barack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual.” I think we can count this as a promise kept …

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