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Oh my … are they siblings or what?! LOL

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People of Pallor speak out

Barack said we need to have a conversation about race in America.

Fair enough.

But his idea of a “conversation” is just to repeat the same old litany that white Americans have been getting harangued with for the past forty years.

BTDT. Didn’t even get a crummy t-shirt.

Guess what, Barry … “conversations” are supposed to be two-way.

White America should be heard … not just lectured to.

For example, we would like to point that the United States of America has been the best country on earth for black folks.

We would also like to point out that nowhere on earth have any people done more to improve the lives of People of Color than have American People of Pallor.

White America is not responsible for the fact that the crime and incarceration rates for black Americans is seven times that of white Americans.

Nor is it white America’s fault that the black illegitimacy rate has hit 70 percent or that their high school dropout rate in some cities has reached 50 percent.

Those things are failings of the black community, most specifically the black men who have been content to be gangsters and sperm donors, rather than husbands and fathers.

When are People of Color going to quit blaming People of Pallor for all their problems and buckle down to finding solutions for those problems?

We’ve all heard ad nauseam about white-on-black crimes, including those like Tawana Brawley, the Duke rape case and Jena that ALL turned out to be hoaxes.

When are we going to hear about the epidemic of black-on-white crimes?

  • White criminals choose black victims only 3 percent of the time.
  • Black criminals choose white victims 45 percent of the time.

When you get to specific crimes, the difference is far worse.

  • Black-on-white rapes are 100 times more common than white-on-black rapes.
  • In the first years of this decade, black-on-white robberies were 139 times as common as white-on-black robberies.

When are liberals going to get real about the fact that “racism” means “hatred or intolerance of another because of their RACE” not “white hatred for blacks”?

When are they going to remember that Martin Luther King, Jr.’s great dream was that his children would be judged by the content of the CHARACTER?

Mr. President, white America would really like to have a CONVERSATION with you on race, because truth be told, we’re pretty damn sick of being the ones who are persecuted for the color of our skin.

Excerpted in large part from “A Brief for Whitey” By Patrick J. Buchanan – March 21, 2008
Deletions, additions, modifications, yada yada by Chrissy the Hyphenated


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Media bias against fracking

Fracking may not be a huge issue where you live; it is where I live!

But even if you’ve never heard of it, you should care, because there is enough natural gas under our own soil to provide our needs for more than the next CENTURY.

The best way to get it is by fracking. The Left doesn’t want us to frack. They claim fracking causes water pollution. Never mind that it’s been done safely for more than 30 years in other communities across the country.

Here in Tompkins County, land-owners legally sold the rights to fracking companies to drill on their land. The Lefties sued and the local liberal judge found in their favor.

The local case will go to a higher court on appeal and I hope the fracking companies and land-owners win, because we need the gas and we can get it safely.

And also because I’m so SICK of the Left’s lies about me and my peeps.

In the 2011 local elections, the Democrat’s campaign was a non-stop barrage of “Republicans don’t CARE about water quality!”

Excuse me? We don’t drink water? We don’t have children? OUR candidates were talking about REGULATING frackers so we could have the gas AND safe water.

I’m so SICK of the Left painting me and mine with this broad “EVIL, RACIST, HOMOPHOBIC, NARROW MINDED, STUPID” brush.

Who’s stupid and narrow minded? The Republicans who learned how fracking is done, brought in representatives from communities where fracking has been going on for years, and talked to the companies that bought and the land-owners that sold the leases? OR the Democrats who just bellowed, “Oh My God Republicans Are So EEEEEVILLLLL”?

We are NOT, dammit. What we WANT is for America to SAFELY and RESPONSIBLY tap local sources of fossil fuels, so we can enjoy lower prices, a higher standard of living, and fewer “blood for oil” wars.

We’re NOT stupid. We know the fossil fuels will run out. Duh. But what’s the point of leaving it in the ground? Huh? It’s not like these green technologies are safe or affordable YET. It’s not like any of them can even heat or cool your home, never mind fuel industry.

It takes ENERGY and lots of it to have the conveniences and technology most of us enjoy. Materials have to be mined and manufactured, transported, assembled, transported, packaged, transported, offered for retail sale, and transported again until finally, you get to have it at your own home or business.

And for now, the FACT is that almost all of this requires fossil fuel.

(Unless you want to use nuclear power plants, which the greenies also abhor, but that’s another whole story.)

Why do you think the cost of food and postage and pretty much everything else you buy has gone up so much in the past 3 years?

Because the cost of FUEL has gone up.

Unless you’re Amish, even the organic produce you buy in season at the farmer’s market has fossil fuels in their past.

And why has fuel gone up?

Because Obama et al. banned U.S. companies from doing off-shore drilling (while selling the rights to other countries, whose drilling operations are not subject to the environmental regulations ours are).

Because Obama et al. canceled drilling leases that were granted under Bush.

Because Obama et al. refused to allow the pipeline from Canada to come here.

Because Obama’s bffs in Tompkins County and elsewhere are trying to legislate and/or sue to stop fracking everywhere they can.

I’m so SICK of it. And I’m especially SICK of the MEDIA’s cooperation in LYING about these things.

Fox News is the only major news source that isn’t acting like the public relations arm of the Democratic National Party. The rest of them are not just grossly left-biased, they’re PROUD of it.

I urge you to go watch the videos posted here:

Gasland director hides full facts

EPA Administrator Tells Congress No Proven Cases Where Fracking Has Affected Water YouTube

Hoeven Says EPA Won’t Ban Fracking – Nov 2011

Then go here. Read and watch the video.

The first clip from FrackNation and another reason to support it

All together, the four videos will take you less than seven minutes to view. I bet it takes you a lot longer than seven minutes to earn the difference between what a fill-up cost under Bush and what it costs now.

If you end up agreeing with me that getting this documentary made is important, please donate $20. It’s a great deal. You’ll help get the truth out so American voters can make INFORMED DECISIONS, and they’ll also send you a copy of the DVD when it’s done. (I own the documentaries these people have made in the past. They’re really good.)

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