Protesting the HHS mandate

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The HHS Obamacare mandate will require all employers to provide contraception, sterilization and abortion-causing drugs in their insurance coverage (without co-payment). Both the religious exception and the so-called Obama compromise are so narrow that they don’t cover most religiously-based institutions.

A search of public records has shown that none of the 15 members of the HHS committee has ever demonstrated any support whatsoever for the pro-life position, despite the undeniable fact that this is the majority position in America.

Worse, the vast majority of the 15 members of the committee that created the mandate have strong relationships with pro-abortion groups and activities:

Claire Brindis – Member of NARAL’s Board of Directors and one of it’s “most steadfast and generous donors.”

Angela Diaz – Former board member of Physicians for Reproductive Choice; former senior vice president of the International Women’s Health Coalition, an advocacy group dedicated to the premise that abortion and contraception are “universal and inalienable” human rights.

Paula A. Johnson – Chairwoman of Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts; affiliated with (NOW); winner of NARAL’s 2011 “Champion for Choice” award.

Magda G. Peck – Board of Directors of Planned Parenthood of Nebraska and Council Bluffs (served as both vice chair and chair); associated with a host of other organizations that advocate for abortion and free access to contraception.

Alina Salganicoff – Vice President and Director of Women’s Health Policy at the Kaiser Family Foundation, a major proponent of abortion and contraception on demand.

Donations to pro-abortion political campaigns: Linda Rosenstock (over $40,000); Kimberly Gregory ($35,200); Paula A. Johnson (more than $30,000); Francisco Garcia (between $11,750 and $13,000); Carol Weisman ($4,500); Roberta Ness (at least $2,500); E. Albert Reece ($1,000);  Alina Salganicoff ($950).

Source: Panel Behind Obama Mandate Dominated by Pro-Abortion Orgs

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  1. Ting

    I keep hearing that the GOP doesn’t really care about the Presidency in 2012, but wants to retake the Senate. But this board shows the power of the Executive branch over our lives. The GOP has lost it’s way, I think. I have no clue how to “fix” it, either.