Coconut oil rules

Years ago, coconut oil got a bad rep for increasing serum cholesterol … except the kind it elevates is the GOOD kind of cholesterol (HDL).

The video below talks about the successful use of dietary coconut oil in treating Alzheimers. They also say that Alzheimers begins 10 or 20 years before symptoms start and it’s related to diabetes, so if you’re at all concerned about either, switching to coconut oil is apparently a preventive as well as a treatment. Just be sure to get NON-HYDROGENATED coconut oil.

Below, Dr. Axe says coconut oil is valuable not only for the health of the brain and heart, but also for the thyroid and immune system. It is antimicrobial, antioxidant, antifungal and antibacterial. It also promotes good digestion and weight loss.

There’s a good article about cooking with coconut oil here:

Sadly, the good kinds of coconut oil are pricey. Not that you can really put a price on health, but you have to have the money in the first place, right?  This is a good article on what to look for when choosing a brand you can afford and like the smell and taste of.

How To Choose A Good Coconut Oil by KristenM


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3 responses to “Coconut oil rules

  1. GP

    Now you are speaking my language. I have been a huge fan of coconut oil for quite a while. It is great for the skin, as a lip gloss, and it is the only cooking oil I use. I use EVOO for salads.
    Coconut oil revs the metabolism and can actually help one lose weight! Just don’t slather it on before bedtime or you will be up all night. Fats do not make you fat:

    One of the reasons coconut oil came out of favor is that the cheap vegetable oils came out and when they started using them on popcorn, people complained it tasted bad, which it did. So they sold people on the idea that these oils were healthier! It was all a scam.
    I buy it in huge vats from Tropical Traditions.It is cold pressed and pure, so it has no smell like the stuff that is processed does. They have great sales and lots of recipes on their website.
    Coconut oil is liquid at about 80 degrees so keep it in a cool place if you want it to stay solid.
    For more info, read “The Coconut Oil Miracle”.
    Thanks for finding the video. I am going to add it to my forum.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Yeah, thanks! I googled Tropical Traditions and had a yammer with Dearest. He does our IRL shopping; I do online. He is going to read the “what to look for” article and check what our stores have.

      Local may be cheaper. There’s no tax here on food and and the stuff is heavy, so shipping will be high for an individual purchase. We have two good health food stores nearby now where they buy in bulk and he knows at least one already gets coconut oil. It’s the same store where we get to use our own jars for local honey. So maybe that will be a possibility to save a bit.

      I suggested to Dearest that maybe if we switched, I’d get enough benefit from the oil to be able to cut back on my heart meds. The HS2 works and I’m grateful for it, but it makes my bladder burn, which means when I take it, I also need pure cranberry juice … which costs $14 a quart. ANY reduction in those two would save money immediately and make the coconut oil less costly.

      On a longer term basis, if the oil helps me drop a few pounds, my heart would have less work to do, meaning even more savings … plus, you know, that whole quality of life thing and the “don’t scare the crap out of Dearest with bad heart days” thing. When I have to lay on the couch with an ice pack on my chest, I think he flashes back to those “plan the funeral and wait to become a widower” days.