15 questions

If you deny that there is liberal bias in the mainstream media, you are living under a rock.

The only thing they don’t ask Republican candidates about much is economic questions and debt questions. Instead they ask horribly slanted, often irrelevant questions designed to make them look bad and help Obama.

We’ve heard questions about contraceptives, religion, Newt’s angry ex-wife, Cain’s employees, Romney’s personal wealth, Gardasil, etc. Newt’s rise was because of the way he attacked the media and Obama in the debates because of the stupid and obviously planted questions.

So, what would happen if the mainstream media treated Barack Obama the exact same way they treat Republicans? The questions might sound a little something like this.  …

Read the rest at http://finance.townhall.com/columnists/jeffcarter/2012/02/22/15_questions_the_mainstream_media_would_ask_barack_obama_if_he_were_a_republican/page/full/

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