Technospecial Me!

I’ve been wanting to get Mr T sitting more securely than he was on my bogus temporary bunch of granite countertop scraps. He needs to be up off my desk for ventilation and to make his monitor more comfortable for my neck.

Also Dearest got me an external hard drive big enough to keep all of Mr. T’s data backed up. It needed a home on my desk where it would be secure and easy to access.

Yesterday, I had an Ah Ha! moment and built this.

I cut out one end of the box and reinforced it with cardboard strips glued inside, then glued fabric to the outside to make it really sturdy and purdy. I really like how the colors coordinate. Anybody recognize the fabric? 🙂

I backed up ALL my files YAY! and when it was done, the external hd and its rolled-up cords tucked nicely together in the box where they are safe AND visible so I won’t forget to do regular updates to my backups.

I decided to call the external hard drive “Locke.” It’s a play on words  … the unit is a Seagate. A lock in a canal is a seagate, get it? I added the -e to give a nod to John Locke whose writings influenced our Founding Fathers.

(The keyboard I use is on a slide out tray under my desk top.)



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6 responses to “Technospecial Me!

  1. Ting

    You are probably the most creative problem solver that I have ever known!


  2. “John Locke” is what people used to write (in indelible marker) next to the locks on the doors of the restroom stalls when I was a student.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      LOL! I never thought of it before. My high school didn’t have enough basic American history for anyone to even understand that joke, much less come up with it on their own.


  3. Pistol Pete

    We used to go to school early and sneak in to the girls’ bathroom,raise the seat and stretch saran wrap over the bowl and then put the seat down.Then we’d hang around outside before class and wait for the shrieks.We were a perverse lot.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      My brother’s groomsmen did that to the honeymoon suite. Also put popcorn in the bed and other insidious things. When we wondered how they got access, they said, “We paid for the room!”

      The priest had enough experience to check my brother’s shoe soles before the wedding ceremony and peel off the “Help Me!” but brother did not have the experience (or wisdom) to NOT tell the groomsmen what hotel they were going to on the first night!

      Oh, and when it was time for the couple to leave the reception? They found their car JAM-PACKED with scrunched up newspapers! LOL