Gas prices have doubled under Obama

When Obama took office, the average price for a gallon of gas $1.83.

Today, it’s $3.51.

That’s close to a ONE HUNDRED PERCENT increase in just three years under Democrat leadership!

Is it fair to blame this on Democrat policies?


From the beginning to the end of EIGHT YEARS under Bush (six with a Republican majority in Congress), gas prices went up only 25%.

Isn’t it “the mess Bush left” that’s responsible?


It isn’t Republicans who refuse to allow American companies to harvest the oil and natural gas reserves resting right under our own feet.

It’s Democrats.

Supposedly, it’s to “save the planet” by driving up the price of gas.

Yes, Virginia, they WANT the price of gas to go up to $10 or more per gallon. They think that will stop people from driving cars and start using more mass transportation.

In more than one speech on this subject, Obama criticized us (of course) and cited Europe and Japan as examples of how it SHOULD be done.

Has he looked at a map? Mass trans works fine in small, crowded places like Europe and Japan.

Where I live? Not so much.

In Texas? Forget it.

And even in crowded places, it doesn’t work all that well for some people. Why else would there still be so many cars in places like Manhattan where driving is a nightmare and there are more buses, subway trains and taxi cabs than you can imagine?

Democrats also seem to be really big on refusing drilling rights to American companies for allegedly environmental concerns.

But American companies are covered by our strict environmental protection laws, which the foreign companies they have given drilling rights to on OUR offshore sites are NOT.

Democrats say Republican is the party of NO.

But I think it’s the Democrats.

How come Democrats don’t talk about how we can drill SAFELY here?

Why is it all just NO to using our own oil and gas?

Do they WANT us to be at the mercy of OTHER countries for our energy needs?

I don’t see these “Go Green!” hypocrites in Washington limiting their OWN use of fossil fuels in the least. The Obamas could have spent Christmas at Camp David, which is one 60 mile helicopter ride out and one ride back to the White House.

Instead, they took multiple giant planes loaded with all the limos and security staff and other stuff the president needs (that’s already at Camp David) more than FOUR THOUSAND MILES each way so he could play on the beach.

It cost millions of dollars just to fly them to Hawaii and a lot of that cost was in jet fuel.

I’m supposed to buy their “save the planet” crap when they act like that?

I don’t think so!

If you really love paying higher prices on gasoline and on everything that gets transported anywhere by car, truck, train or plane at any time before you can buy it at your local store AND you really love living with the ever present risk of a hostile nation choking off our energy supplies because Democrats won’t let us drill our own, vote Democrat.

But if you want people in office who understand that it’s not just possible, but important that we harvest our own energy supplies responsibly, vote Republican.



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8 responses to “Gas prices have doubled under Obama

  1. KellyM.

    ….and we barely hear a word. I seem to recall people freaking out after gas prices spiked as a result of Hurricane Katrina. My husband and I are currently looking for a used car that we can do errands in as WE CANNOT AFFORD TO FILL OUR GAS TANKS ANY LONGER. Thank you, President Obama.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      What people freak out about is driven largely by what the MSM decides we should freak out about which is driven by what ever is good for the Left. That’s why I was so encouraged by the sharp drop in media confidence! The more people who figure out the MSM is just carrying water for the DNC, the better our chances are to save the country.


  2. Pistol Pete

    $3 gas is in our rear view mirror.If,God forbid,this lop-eared buffoon perpetrates the massive fraud it will take for another term we’ll remember fondly when gas was “just” $4.00.He would no longer have the restraint of running for office again and nothing will stop him.I just wish I could see a republican nominee who would hammer him on energy prices.He is purposefully smothering any hope for a real economic recovery and all the rhetoric in the world won’t dissuage people who have to dig deeper for gas,groceries and utility bills.When you put your hand in their pocket,you get their attention.I just wish we had a guy who had the balls to point that out.


  3. U.S. city average price of unleaded regular gasoline

    December 2008: $1.689 per gallon

    Current Average: $3.518 per gallon

    And now NBC’s Today show reports on the significant price hikes coming in the price of gasoline