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Pitchers and catchers report to training camp within 2 weeks.I’m a lifelong Cubs fan,but hope springs eternal.

In response to Mafia Rose’s request,here are videos from yesterday’s CPAC convention.Maybe Chrissy or Bob can load these onto the candidate pages.I still don’t know how to embed videos other than youtubes.


He says he has video of Barry in college that will come out during the election.
With all due respect,unless it shows him raping Maya Angelou or pissing on the Quran,it will not make an iota of difference to the tribe that blindly follow wherever he leads.

This man has put up with more crap than anybody should be made to endure.He is one of the future stars of conservatism.

If you only have time to view one speech,make it this one!!





Color me surprised.This fossilized chunk of dinosaur dung has been in the house for 25 terms–that’s 50 YEARS!!But I guess with his wife,Monica,doing prison time for corruption and bribe-taking, he needs the dough.Besides,there are still a few buildings standing in Detroit so his job is not finished.

I never thought I’d see the day when I agreed with the Ragin’ Cajun.But he has a point.



The chefs prepare 4 portions of food for the four judges.They better eat fast.
It is rumored they edited out the part where the Wookie says: ‘Are you finished with that?’

These are the two little boys who were hacked to death by their deranged father who set the house on fire and killed himself.He was also suspected of killing his wife 2 years earlier.
Anybody who would make a spectacle of themselves at a memorial for two innocent little boys has earned themselves a special seat in the tenth circle of Hell.They won’t get there fast enough to suit me.




OK,here’s where somebody gets offended.Being the incurable cynic I am,this is madness.Sure,she survived a shooting by a deranged left wing maniac,but why does she deserve to have a warship named after her?Because she’s a sainted liberal victim?Six people actually died in that massacre including a federal judge.Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was murdered with a gun the Mexican cartels got from Holder & Co.
Make no mistake,Giffords is as far left as they come.Maybe Obama arranged this as a make-good since he threw her astronaut husband out of work when he cancelled the space program.Whatever the reason,I can think of a lot of people who would deserve this honor far more than this woman.


Obama knows he has nothing to fear from the republican milquetoasts as long as the media whores carry his water


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  1. Excellent article about the Obama administration’s assault on religious freedom: Anne Boleyn and Obamacare.


  2. More CPAC:
    Rick Perry

    Rand Paul

    Sarah Palin


  3. GP

    Thanks for all your posts to CPac. I know what I will be doing tonight. lol


  4. Ting

    I am back from CPAC. Do not ever try to go this event when Gov. Palin is speaking, because if you want to see her, you will have to sit all day long in the stupid ballroom, listening to some good speakers, but mostly mediocre speakers, without being allowed to leave even to use the restroom, unless you give up your seat and get back in a line of 1,000 people just hoping to get back in. How is that for a run-on sentence?! It felt like the whole day was a run-on sentence.

    Grover Norquist gave a speech that made me as mad as I have been in a long, long time. He said that it does not matter which Republican we elect as President because all they care about is a 60 seat Senate majority and a President who will sign the bills. He says the already have the leadership they need in Congress (Oh, please…. Boehner??? McConnell???) and the bills are already written. He did not seem to think it was necessary to tell us what those bills are about, but just to tell us to get them that majority and they will take care of the rest. I don’t know about you, but I am not inspired to go out and work my fanny off to elect people who think they know what is best for me and just want the power to do what they have already determined that they want. I wonder if anyone else was as disgusted as I was about that.

    Gov. Palin was beautiful and inspiring. There were giant tv screens with the most embarrassing close-ups all day. I felt really bad for some of the speakers because no one could look but so good in those extreme close-ups plastered all over the walls about 100 times real life. But Gov. Palin still looked beautiful, as did Dana Loesch. I am glad that I got to see her speech, but I think that I missed a lot because of the crowd and because of the excitement. The “disrupter” was about 15 rows behind us, but I wasn’t real sure what he said. My husband thought it was “mien kampf” or something like that. There was a stir and then people immediately started standing and shouting “USA/USA…” while he was whisked on out of there. The crowd was very responsive to Gov. Palin, Dana Loesch, and another woman on the panel with Dana who worked for Americans for Prosperity in PA – I forget her name. Phylis Schafly got good a good response, as did Daniel Hannan. The rest got polite response. I probably didn’t have the best attitude for most of the speakers because I felt trapped and I really wished that I had not had a Diet Coke on the car trip to D.C.!


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Ting … thanks for the detailed report!


    • GP

      Thanks for the play by play. I think it would have been worth it to hear Sarah. I watched on Cspan. She was beautiful and so inspiring. If she could just get a voice coach to get a little less folksy, she would be hell on wheels to the left.
      Good thing you did not have a diet coke. Sounds like your bladder would not have made it. Plus that stuff is toxic. lol


  5. chrissythehyphenated

    “it will not make an iota of difference to the tribe that blindly follow wherever he leads.” … true. But they’re not the folks we’re after.

    I firmly believe that every single little thing that comes out helps peel the scales off a few more eyeballs. And that’s all to the good for us, because the peeled either get so disillusioned that they just don’t vote or else so mad that they switch sides. Either way, Obama and his cronies lose support, money and votes.

    Everybody has got their issue. For Breitbart, it was the Clarence Thomas hearings. For me, it was the Iraq War.

    I heard an atheist call a talk show recently who said the HHS thing had made him wash his hands of the Left. He strongly believes in the Constitutional right to FREEDOM of religion and said he was not going to stay with a group of people who were so eager to trample on it.

    Sometimes it’s not a big thing. I was so struck by a story Kevin DuJan told once about one of the AIDS patients he cleaned for, whose apartment had been all-over Obama-bilia. but then one day in 2009, the stuff was ALL gone. KD asked about it and the guy told him he had lost all confidence in Obama’s ability to lead because of those two people who gate crashed the first State Dinner.

    It seems this AIDS patient had once been an event planner, so the fact that Obama’s people were so dim-witted they couldn’t even control the gate at their OWN PARTY proved to him, in terms he understood, that they were not fit to lead the country.

    That story convinced me that no matter how much I may not care about an issue … out there, SOMEBODY CARES. Somebody knows the ins and outs of whatever it is from personal experience.

    I bet there are a few physical fitness buffs whose eyes got peeled over the absurd media hoopla following Moochelles’ poo-shups.

    So I don’t care what’s on this video Breitbart’s got. It’ll cost Obama support.


    • Many, many years ago — back during Reagan’s first term — I listened to Phyllis Schlafly give a speech at the National Press Club in Washington, and she said something I’ve never forgotten: You must be willing to let people vote for your candidate for the reason of their choice. She said it more eloquently, of course, but the gist of it was that when you’re trying to get votes for your guy (or gal), the crucial thing is quantity. If someone votes for your candidate for what you would consider a silly reason, or because they dislike the other candidate for a silly reason, that’s not what matters — what matters is they vote the right way. I personally couldn’t care less about party-crashers at the White House, but if that makes an Obama voter change his vote, or at least keeps him home on election day, then I say hallelujah!


      • chrissythehyphenated

        I’ve been trying to get this message across to Dearest. He’s got his hobby horses that he naturally thinks are THE most important reasons EVER … but what he needs to do to convince OTHER people is LISTEN TO WHAT THEY CARE ABOUT, then talk about why our side is better on that issue.

        He and this other guy who is a mover and shaker in the local GOP had a spread sheet they wanted to copy and mail out. It’s a big expense, so much discussion about how it was formatted etc.

        Well me … I can’t read spread sheets easily. So I turned it into a simple, colorful graph. Other guy was underwhelmed at the idea of adding a second sheet to the mailing. Double the printing costs for something that he thought was dumb.

        But at the meeting when he was dismissive of my graph, several of the committee people objected, saying “We can’t read spread sheets, but this graph tells us the whole story. Put it in.”

        We all really need to remember that people are different. If we want to reach them with our messages, we need to take the initiative to find out how they think, what they think about, etc.


        • Amen to that!

          Employing the same principle in a somewhat different context, many years ago I got into a most undignified argument with a Christian doctor when a group of us were attempting to open a crisis pregnancy center in our town. I had done extensive research on the risks of abortion to women, and I made what I thought was a perfectly reasonable comment — that when you’re trying to talk a woman out of aborting, sometimes it helps to appeal to her self-interest by informing her of the mental and physical health risks to herself. Well, this doctor totally slapped me down, saying that “using scare tactics” (his words) was the wrong approach, and that we should just talk about the humanity of the unborn baby, and blah blah blah… He was apparently unaware that with some women who are planning to abort, you can talk about that innocent little baby until you’re blue in the face, and it’s not going to make her change her mind. If the only way you can save the baby’s life is by persuading the mother that it’s in HER best interest to stay away from the abortion clinic, then that’s what you need to do. What matters most is that she refrains from killing the baby, and you have to be willing for her to make that decision for the reason of her choice — assuming that you care more about saving lives than you do about proving some philosophical point.


          • chrissythehyphenated

            I am and always have been totally 100% Pro-Life. I have also endured a very high risk, extremely unpleasant and costly unplanned pregnancy.

            Obviously, “terminating” was never an option, though one doctor did suggest we consider it. It’s total bs that Pro-Lifers don’t understand or care about the things that make many women abort. BTDT on EVERY count.

            My health. The baby’s health. Our other kids’ well-being. Dearest in school. Barely making ends meet without the high costs of medical care, day care, etc. the pregnancy made necessary. Just one of my medications cost $7 a shot for the serum, never mind the syringe. I needed four to five a day. I was nauseated 24-7 for the first five MONTHS and so weak, I could literally only shuffle to and from the bathroom.

            So trust me. I get it. AND I can say with absolute confidence that even for a dyed-in-the-wool Pro-Lifer such as myself, the “baby” was not a reality I could envision or relate to very readily. Compared with the nausea, the mountains of dirty dishes and dirty diapers and impossible bills we couldn’t cope with … the “baby” was much too much of an abstraction to really matter.

            I remember struggling to make her more real so I could feel better about the pregnancy. One time, I asked my doctor to describe her in detail. She told me she had a fetus about the same age (12 weeks or so) in a jar and did I want to see it. I did. And although I felt very sad for the dead baby in the jar, it did help to see it.

            If I’d been tempted to abort, the arguments about the baby would have fallen on ears too full of pain and worry to hear them. However, hearing “the aftermath of an abortion could be even worse than this” would’ve meant a lot. Even more compelling … “This is going to end in a matter of months. The aftermath of abortion is forever.”


            • chrissythehyphenated

              I got to thinking about that $7.00 serum and how this was back in 1985. So I went to to find out that $7.00 (1985) is equivalent to $14.63 (2012).


            • I was forty years old when I conceived baby #4, so of course my doctor was required to inform me that I could have tests done to see if she had Down’s Syndrome or spina bifida. I told her there was no point in it, since I was going to have the baby no matter what, and the tests are just annoying and expensive. (Our health insurance had a six thousand dollar deductible, so we were paying everything out of pocket, and my husband was unemployed at the time, giving me several good reasons for not undergoing any tests that were not absolutely necessary.) The pregnancy was very difficult (though not nearly as bad as what you went through!) and in the end when she was two weeks late we had her by appointment — something I never even considered doing with the first three, since under ordinary circumstances I think a baby should be allowed to choose his or her own birthday whenever possible. All this is a very long way of saying that I know what you mean, and I sympathize with women enduring difficult pregnancies, especially if they are unplanned. But no matter how hard pregnancy and childbirth can be, killing the baby is not the solution — it’s just trading one problem for a whole new set of problems.


              • chrissythehyphenated

                Much worse problems… something the pro-aborts don’t want anyone to hear about. A woman’s testimony really brought this home to me. I saw it on a LifeTalk DVD.

                College girl, raised in a very close, Italian-Catholic family, went to a frat party and got so drunk, she passed out and didn’t even know she’d been raped until she missed her period and got checked.

                The clinic nurse took her straight from “you’re pregnant” to “here’s where you can get an abortion.”

                Her FRIEND took her to a phone to call her sibs, who said, “Go home. We’ll meet you there.”

                All of her sibs gathered at once tipped the ‘rents off that something was up. Before they went down to face the music, a sister asked, “How do you feel?”


                “That will only last until you tell them. If you abort, it will last the rest of your life.”


                In a movie we saw at Birthright, a young woman in a home for unwed teens told an interviewer, “I decided to give this baby life. If I never do another good thing in my own life, I will always know I did THIS.”

                Double Wow.