Leftists, Drones, Libtards and Liberals

Dearest and I have identified four different group on the Left:

True Leftists, who understand that Leftist doctrines are evil and like it that way. E.g., George Soros, Saul Alinsky.

Drones, who spew Leftist talking points, but can’t explain any of them. E.g., the guy I heard on the radio last night. See below.

Libtards, who isolate themselves from everything and everyone that might challenge their world view. They read Leftist literature and can talk about it, but they never examine any of it critically, even when it is self-contradictory. In my experience, the only thing that gets these turkeys to wise up is if Leftists bite them on their own personal butts. E.g., fomerly bleeding heart liberal Catholic bishops.

Real Liberals, who believe that the freedoms in the Constitution apply to everyone equally and who recognize that government policies that hurt the poor are bad, no matter how warm and cuddly they may have seemed at first. These people walk the walk and are outraged when they finally get a clue that the Democrat Media Machine has been playing them for suckers. E.g., me.

The reason we came up with these categories was to avoid wasting time on evil people (True Leftists) and fools (Drones), and to identify when we’ve hit a brick wall (Libtards) so we can focus our efforts productively on the people who are willing to listen and learn (True Liberals).

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Last night, I listened to a true Drone on the “Red Eye” radio show.

As soon as Drone got on the air, he launched into a diatribe about how “every recession has been the fault of a Republican President.”

In particular, he cited the Reagan recession, which started six months into his first term.

IOW, the recession that began just six months into Reagan’s first term and ended before the end of his second year in office had nothing whatsoever to do with the Democrat President who preceded him, but the current recession which is still staggering along more than three years after Obama took over is entirely the fault of the Republican President who came before. It’s like … the lights are on, but nobody’s home, KWIM?

Anyway, the Red Eye hosts bent over backwards to let Drone make his case, provided he would stop ranting.

He kinda tried, but every time he got stuck, he’d rant some more. Eventually the very patient hosts gave up and cut him off.

Before they did that though, Drone visited upon us his brilliant theory about why Republicans are bad for the economy.

According to him, Republicans always lower taxes on rich people, allowing these greedy sumbitches to hoard more of their money, which is Very Bad For The Economy.

The hosts asked him how exactly rich people hoard money. E.g., “Like under their mattresses?”

Well. No. They do greedy, useless things like buy stock.

“Do you understand that stock moves money into the business sector, which is good for the economy?”

No it doesn’t. It just SITS and does NOTHING!

Hosts sigh and ask politely, “So what do you think causes the economy to get moving again?”

Consumer spending.

Hosts: “50% of all consumer spending is done by rich people.”

That is a fake statistic you conjured up from “a dark place.”

(He really said that they got their data from “a dark place.” Actually, it came from a government web site. The hosts double checked during the break and cited the exact numbers and their source, which was a government web site.)

The hosts tried to talk to Drone about how stocks provide investment capital for entrepreneurs to start up or expand businesses that make stuff for consumers to spend their money on.

They tried to talk about how this also meant more jobs, which translated into more consumers who could afford to spend money on stuff.

They tried to explain how we need both investment and consumer spending to get the economy moving, and that rich people are excellent at both if they’re allowed to keep more of their own money, which means lowering their taxes is good for the economy.

More ranting. Click.

During the break, while ads ran and the hosts looked up their dark statistics, I was flashing on how, when my kids were about 4 years old and wanted something I couldn’t afford, I’d try to explain that I didn’t have enough money.

And they (practicing for adolescence) would roll their eyes dramatically and, with voices dripping with disgust over the depths of my stupiditude, would announce, “Well, go to the machine and get more!”


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6 responses to “Leftists, Drones, Libtards and Liberals

  1. GP

    I think you did a great job of defining democrats, but I contend that in fact, those of us who are conservative are actually liberal and vice versa.
    You see, most conservatives want liberty and most liberals want every one to conform to their rules, which is the total opposite.
    Does this make sense?
    I contend that I am actually a liberal. I want everyone to have the freedom to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I even wish that for democrats. Democrats want everyone to live by their rules.
    The whole thing is ass backwards.


    • I agree, GP, the terms have become kind of meaningless. Democrats these days are the real “conservatives,” as they are trying to preserve the status quo — huge government, high taxes, maximum government control over people’s lives, minimum personal responsibility, nanny statism, etc., etc. And we are the ones who believe in liberty and all that good stuff, which makes us liberal in the truest sense of the term. In fact, a hundred years ago the word “liberal” meant the exact opposite of what it means today. That’s just the way the language gets perverted over time, I guess.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Good article on this subject by Dennis Prager @


      “The following is a list of beliefs that I hold. Nearly every one of them was a liberal position until the late 1960s. Not one of them is now.”


  2. GP

    JFK-would be a republican by today’s standards.
    Liberal today is such an oxymoron, since they are always the ones who want to stifle free speech, unless it is their own,
    they believe that no one should be able to mention God because they do not believe in Him,
    and they practically beg Big Brother to regulate every move we make.
    We the people want to CONSERVE LIBERTY.
    So does that make us conservative liberals?


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