Making brownies

Check out the manly apron! πŸ™‚


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  2. So cute! (And I love the apron!)


  3. chrissythehyphenated

    Had a nice chat with Mama Buzz this evening. Lil Buzz’s pediatrician referred them to an audiologist, because he isn’t on target for his age re: speaking. He vocalizes a lot and makes a full range of sounds. He just isn’t using words.

    The appointment was at a bad time … just past nap time … so the only successful test was the one he had no choice about. I don’t know how they do this, but there’s some way they can test even a newborn to find out if his ears work. Buzz’s ears are fine.

    The audiologist wanted to do more tests to figure out if Buzz is attending to sound and processing it mentally. Mr. Tired and Crabby wanted no part of any of it, but Mama Buzz said there’s no question he attends to and processes sounds accurately.

    If HE wants HER (rather than the other way around), he makes a beeline to wherever she is, which he could only do if he could identify where she is by the noises she’s making and the direction they’re coming from. And while he’s not much for coming when he’s called, he will come running if she bounces one of his balls (currently favorite toys).

    My guess is … he’ll talk when HE decides to talk. And when he does, I’m betting he’ll enunciate clearly and speak in full sentences right from the get go.


    • I think, sometimes, it was a little easier to raise babies “back in the day” when doctors couldn’t test for everything with some kind of fancy equipment and we young mothers had to rely on the wisdom of our mothers and grandmothers, who generally viewed a situation like this and came to the same conclusion you did, Chrissy: “He’ll talk when he’s ready.” Same thing happened with my first one – when he finally started, he kept going and hasn’t stopped since.


    • My son was a late talker, and when he started talking, he had such a bad speech impediment that almost no one outside our immediate family could understand what he was saying. Well-meaning friends urged me to take him to doctors and speech therapists and so on, and I ignored them. Eventually he outgrew the speech impediment and began speaking perfectly understandably. He was a late reader, too, not reading fluently until he was almost 8. But once he caught on, he made up for lost time, and kept me very busy running back and forth to the public library to keep him supplied with books to read. He’s 26 now and most people who know him say that he’s one of the smartest people they’ve ever met. I’m so glad I left him alone when he was little, instead of listening to all the people who wanted me to turn him over to the experts to treat a bunch of nonexistent problems. There is nothing wrong with a child just because he happens to hear a different drummer.


    • MamaBuzz

      one teensy edit πŸ™‚ he had a few ear infections over the summer (actually I know he had one or two, I question the rest and he now sees a different pediatrician) anyway, he was referred to an ENT as a precaution. The ENT was wonderful, saw nothing wrong with his ears, but it’s standard to schedule a hearing test after multiple ear infections (also precaution). I finally had gotten around to schedule with the audiologist just recently. After talking with me about how Buzz is at home, he is also not concerned, but wants to check him again in a bit, just in case. He doesn’t like to be careless and overlook something that could later develop into learning delays etc. We have 100% coverage for the kids, so I’m fine with all these precautionary appts — esp. when I get docs that actually listen to me πŸ™‚