Have you noticed that it is only DEMOCRATS who consider references to food stamp use and food stamp fraud to be “coded racially-tinged language”?

But food stamp use is about economics, not skin color.

And food stamp fraud is about poor moral values, not skin color.

So what does it say about DEMOCRATS that they … and only they … manage to jump instantly from any discussion of food stamps to cries of RAAAAAAAAACISM!! ??

When I hear that food stamp use has increased dramatically under President Obama, I conclude that he’s doing a lousy job of steering our country toward economic recovery.

Similarly, when I hear that there’s a bill pending that would prevent people from getting food stamp money out of ATM machines located in gambling establishments, I conclude this is designed to make it more difficult for immoral idiots to use their food stamp money to gamble rather than feed their kids.

What I do not do when I hear anything whatsoever about food stamps is immediately visualize BLACK people.

Maybe that’s because I have been forced to use food stamps a few times in my life and I’m so white, I don’t even tan.

Or maybe it’s because I know a lot of successful people of all skin colors, so I don’t automatically jump from “poor” to “black.”

So why is it that Democrats do this?

Is it perhaps because they are the ones with that deeply-buried racism they constantly accuse us of having?

Love this comment at YouTube: “Let me make sure I understand…if we bar ppl in general from being able to use welfare to gamble with, we’re racist….ok, gotcha. First, I didn’t know that only black ppl use the card to gamble with. Second, I didn’t know it was racist to hope that some of that money would actually get spent to feed kids. So glad gwen explained it for me….”

David Gregory says calling Obama the “Food stamp president” is “coded racially-tinged language.” Get ready, because between now and the election, liberals will be following Gregory’s lead on just about every criticism of Obama imaginable.


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  1. You’ve hit the nail on the head. Here’s my take on the same subject: