Quoting Red October

I sent this out to my bloggy listers.

by Mark Levin on Sunday, January 29, 2012

It inspired the following exchange with my brother, who is one of the most intelligent and savvy individuals I know.

BRO’S REPLY:  What is the battle about? Who is the enemy? At my age, I give less credence to one’s public statements and more to those tawdry realities which so often dictate our behavior.

In this case, it appears that the real issue is ego.  Fine. Color me naive. But consider a few facts.

Newt is poorly disciplined. I remember well his leadership. And I see those same flaws now.

Remember, I was in his corner as late as last week. My son-in-law is still. But it appears that Newt believes this debate is about him. It isn’t. It’s about Obama.

If Newt is defeated by Romney, how will he act? Romney worked for the party. I fear Newt will work for … Newt.   Given his history, (I too can claim the title ‘historian’) it isn’t clear that he will put party above his own desires.

Goodness knows, looking at his marital difficulties, the man has a track record.

People are upset about Romney’s ‘evolution’ to Conservative principles over these past few years.  And I can understand their apprehension. But would the Gingrich backers in the audience tell me how you criticize the one man, all the while ignoring the former Speaker’s personal behavior over that same time period? If Newt can cheat on his 2nd wife, if anyone can justify cheating on his mate, and then find God at age 68, why can’t Romney abandon some of his earlier positions and find a philosophy closer to ours?  

As Ms. Coulter noted, Romney’s evolution should be seen as a victory for our side. But his opponents are going to find ways to weaken his position. Why? Purity? Or to quote the Third Mate from THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER. “Or was it something else? Ego, perhaps?”

The candidates all appear to agree that this is a critical election.
– Greece is broke, Italy, Spain and Ireland are ready to go.
– While our military must wear white gloves while handling the Koran, the Catholic church is under attack.
– The tax bill is 95% of GDP and rising. Nearly 50% of the nation does not pay federal taxes.

The list of disasters, starting with Holder, Geithner, and Biden grows. The metaphorical Titanic is taking on water. And we are running around the deck, checking the colors on the life boats.

Is this outrage truly about Conservative principles? Or is it about our egos?

MY RESPONSE: You can never lose quoting Red October to me 🙂

I appreciate your input very much. I was too busy being sick and raising kids to pay attention to the world before my first kid went to war. And I pretty much slept through American History in high school.

I am good friends with a lifelong Bay Stater who did pay attention. She thinks Romney is our best choice. And when I read Coulter, she makes me agree.

Then I listen to videos and debates, read other pundits, and I find myself liking Santorum or Gingrich best.

Thank goodness, there’s one candidate I can ignore. Ron Paul’s comments about foreign policy just left me cold.

When the GOP band of brothers (and sister) was huge, the MSM yammered about how weak it was.

Yet what I am struggling with now is how strong it is.

One of the PoliNators said, “I will probably be waffling when I step into the voting booth.”

I’m glad the New York primary isn’t any time real soon!


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5 responses to “Quoting Red October

  1. I guess my best response to that would be, “Is freedom about egos?” Not really, it’s about being free. But proving to someone that they can’t take your freedom from you is certainly a boost to your ego.

    I love “The Hunt,” but I don’t think it’s about egos. Surely, there’s an element of that involved, but the deeper issue is that the Tea Party supporters are tired of business-as-usual, status quo, go-along-to-get-along candidates being pushed on them by the Republican elites who know better than they do. It’s just a reminder of how the Democrats act. They always know better. So, the Tea Party is pushing back and saying, “We pull the strings around here. You work for us.” They want someone who will take up their cause and fight for them, not someone who will back down like Boehner seems to have perfected to an artform. I’m sure I’m being hyper-critical here, but the point is, it’s about getting what they want, not proving the establishment wrong. There’s just an overwhelming sense that whomever the establishment wants will not be a fighter, so they’re rejected flat out.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      A guest Hugh Hewitt had on the primary coverage show last night said those who self-identified as TP in FL voted for Romney about as often as for Gingrich.

      I’d prefer to see that in writing at some respectable pollster’s site. I should check out Rasmussen etc.

      Another of HH’s guests was pushing for Rubio as running mate. How would you feel about him, Rose? I don’t know much about him, but you’re down there in his stomping grounds, aren’t you?


      • I haven’t seen it in writing, either, unless you count the TV screen! My impression is based purely on what they said about exit polling last night.

        From what I’ve seen/heard, I like Rubio. He’s still relatively new, so somewhat of an unknown, but most people are pretty satisfied with him so far and I think the Republican party LOVES that he can help pull in the hispanic vote. This will hardly bring a close to the Natural Born Citizen dilemma, though, as his parents weren’t yet citizens when he was born. Wouldn’t we all just love to argue about that for another 4-8, maybe even 12-16 more years!

        I did think he was a little heavy-handed in his criticism of Newt for joking about Romney using the same campaign people that Charlie Christ used, but he’s got a bit of a dog in that fight, since he ran against Christ. In general, he seems like a pretty good guy.


  2. chrissythehyphenated

    Would you look at that? My “CFL bulbs” is #2 today. That link must be circulating in email.


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