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William Kristol said the incident needs to be put in the context of the admirable behavior of 99 percent of our troops 99 percent of the time.


The Silence of the Republican Candidates by William Kristol – Jan 13, 2012


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  1. I think Piddlegate is one of the silliest scandals ever. For heaven’s sake, if you want to get outraged, at least find something worth getting outraged over — it’s not as if there’s any shortage of them!


  2. I’m always impressed
    by Congressmen West.
    Many may chime in,
    but he says it best.
    Late, but short.


  3. The main problem I have with what Allen West said, is that these marines were in direct violation of the Geneva Convention. I’m sure the UCMJ spells out what the appropriate punishment should be and that’s what should happen. However, going forward the United States needs to be able to say to other countries, “We stand by our committment and promise to uphold the articles of the Geneva Convention.” If they don’t handle this properly, then we’re all just a bunch of hypocrites.

    I hope that these men are dishonorably discharged, because they brought dishonor upon themselves, this country and the entire Marine Corps. But, again, whatever punishment is layed out in the UCMJ is what should happen.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      My problem with the media hysteria is that they pretty much TOTALLY IGNORE the FACT that these actions ARE against the UCMJ and ARE PUNISHED.

      I talked with a MILINT guy who had done community outreach in Iraq following the mega uproar the Left ignited following the arrest of a Marine for raping an Iraqi girl.

      This was back in 2006 or so when the Democrat Media Complex was really roaring hot and loud about how eeeeeeeeeeeevil Bush’s Stupid War was.

      That would be the war we won BEFORE Bush left office … the same war that the media did such a Big Fat Liar job of reporting on that I heard just a few nights ago some Obama-phile list “getting us out of Iraq” as one of Teh Won’s Great Achievements.

      I’m going to get back to my now before my blood pressure skyrockets and makes my headache worse.

      MILINT guy said the Bush Haters made such a huge deal about this thing, they even said Bush should be impeached! They talked about the incident as if it was just the tip of the iceberg, like “This one guy got caught, but how many others are getting away with the same or worse?”

      But “this one guy” had been TURNED IN BY HIS OWN BUDDIES! And he was being prosecuted under the UCMJ.

      MILINT guy told me he was on “visit the villages to talk about this” duty. Given the uproar at home, the military expected the locals to have flames shooting out their ears or something. But they were fine. INCLUDING THE WOMEN.

      MILINT guy said he’d approach local after local after local, telling them what had happened and what was happening and how did they feel about it. The UNIVERSAL REACTION was this:

      “Our women were raped by Saddam’s men who got away with it. Our women were raped by Al-Qaeda’s men who got away with it. We know that every group has some bad actors. The important thing is that Americans are mostly very good to us. And when one of you behaves badly, you punish him.”