I sure hope I can get through this without getting banned.I got up this morning with one nerve left and that purple-lipped pissant squatting in the White Hut has jumped on it.Rush just ended and he was on an absolute roll.I heard a clip of Diane Sawyer and fellow hack Jon Karl mocking Romney for making $374K last year.She has $40M and her contract is for $12M per year.Pretty good for a no-talent hack.Rush also brought up that winning the presidency would mean a pay cut for Romney as opposed the the Ghetto Gang who went there to GET rich.

The opposition to SOPA is widespread today,but I fear it will amount to a pebble in the ocean given this regime’s propensity in doing whatever the hell they feel like doing.

The thing that really,really set me off today was reading about them grazing at BLT,an upscale DC restaurant to celebrate the day the Wookie was spawned.

I had the poor judgment to look up the restaurant’s menu.Bad move.Bozo ordered the American Wagyu 12 oz. ribeye.Are you ready?NINETY-TWO FREAKING DOLLARS!!!

And that was just the entree.Here is their menu.It’s so pricey they don’t even use dollar signs.

Maybe Chrissy can post it.I’m just so sick of these two grifters not only living like royals,they constantly rub peoples’ noses in it just because they can.I do my best to stay calm and be patient,but November can’t possibly get here soon enough.

Rasmussens latest poll has Romney leading Gingrich by just three points.As Rush pointed out,Republicans want a street fighter.I have no particular love for Mitt,but either one is head and shoulders above the arrogant,self-serving ball of mulatto pus we’re stuck with now.

90 rounds of golf
vacationing in Hawaii @ $30K/week
Martha’s Vineyard-$40K/wk
Sending his co-conspirator on a government flight 4 hours ahead of him to somewhere they’re both going
The First Water Buffalo jetting off to Spain with a large entourage costing us tens of millions
A trip to Africa because he wanted his kids to experience life
Private parties that exclude the press and which no doubt resemble Roman orgies of old (without the sex,of course,I mean,who’d want to hit that?)

I remember the press constantly pissing and moaning about Bush going on vacation when he went TO HIS OWN HOME!!!

His communication capabilities only had to be set up once and didn’t cost taxpayers a dime.

I think I’ll take my blood pressure meds,chug a beer,take off my clothes and go dive in a snowbank.

If you read this,thanks for listening.I’m not in the mood to slash my wrists anymore.


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  1. Ting

    Well, this is probably not the thread to say that I am going on vacation for 2 weeks. But I am! Away from phone and internet, so I will miss you all, and not be able to even read, but I will still be thinking fond thoughts.

    Don’t blame you one bit for this rant, Pete. I mostly agree.


  2. Pete – I love your rants. It’s exactly why I’d say if I was as witty and articulate as you! Keep ’em coming.


  3. Pete, you know we love your rants. We all need a safety valve, and blogging is one of the better ways to take out one’s frustrations. Feel free to rant whenever the urge strikes!


  4. GP

    At least he has done one good thing-He has only been back to Chi town twice and he has pissed off enough Chicagoans that he will never get his obamasoleum here. Just a few more months and we can all say Aloha for good.


  5. chrissythehyphenated

    Pete … I got a great graphic out of the birthday dinner, but I prefer to post at Chrissy’s Site Bites first so I can put the link here and Webshots is down for maintenance, so asap.

    Anyway, I made a heading “Holier Than Thou One Percent Democrats” that I’d like to run with. If all y’all could keep an eye out. And I could use a link to the Sawyer sneer and some source about her income.

    Ting, have fun!

    Anybody heard how Dee and her baby are?


    • Dee and her adorable little baby boy are fine! Here he is:


      • Yay!! What a beautiful baby! I usually don’t like newborns, ’cause they’re so wrinkly and squished up. It takes a good month for them to look “cute” to me, but he’s defnitely a handsome guy! And looking right at the camera, too. Enjoy and get some rest!!! Can’t wait to meet him someday!


        • chrissythehyphenated

          You can always tell the C-section babies in the nursery, cuz they look so much cuter right away :). CONGRATULATIONS DEE AND FAMILY!!!!


  6. KellyM.

    I thought I was the only one that chugged beer and dove in snow banks after reading the morning news!! Glad to hear I am not diving alone…..


  7. Pistol Pete

    Somewhere in the universe we all have a kindred spirit!


  8. So, is Perry out? I heard this on the radio, but haven’t seen it anywhere.