Reagan and Romney

It’s interesting how Ford was Nixon’s VP who became President when Nixon resigned in disgrace. Then the charismatic, folksy Democrat outsider won, but proved to be such a miserable leader that he was ousted after one term. In 2008, when Bush was wildly unpopular, McCain was billed as running for Bush’s 3rd term and, again, the charismatic, folksy Democratic outsider won and has proved to be a miserable leader. God grant that history shall repeat itself in 2012 and that we will once again be blessed with a strong, CONSERVATIVE leader like Ronald Reagan was.

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  1. Ting

    I sort of liked Gerald Ford, but then again, I was only a 20 year old new bride getting used to cooking and being a bank loan officer, so I didn’t pay too much attention. I think that I read somewhere that he had the highest IQ of any POTUS, but I don’t know how anyone would know such a thing, so maybe that is not correct.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Ford couldn’t have been any dummie. He had a law degree from Yale.

      I googled president IQ and found a bunch of hoax citations like this one:

      As you said, how could anyone know? And what’s it matter anyway? IQ tests only measure one type of intelligence and I know from growing up around world class IQ brainiacs that they can be dumber than a box of rocks in lots of ways.

      Like, this one guy … the building was on fire and his logical exit was blocked, so he opened the first floor window of his bedroom and discovered it had a screen that didn’t go up and down.

      Now, you and I probably know that a window screen is really easy to tear out if you just get a hole started. But what does this brainiac do? In a building that’s ON FIRE?

      He goes looking for a screw driver.

      I know another lady whose measured IQ actually was around 180 or so. She had a Ph.D. in something esoteric. She also was chemically hypersensitive, same as me.

      Yet, knowing dry cleaning chemicals are so toxic that dry cleaner staff routinely die of cancer (all the ones I knew at our local place certainly did), this Big Brain not only got her clothes dry cleaned, but brought them home and hung them in her CLOSET. In her BEDROOM. Where she SLEPT. She got SOOOOO sick.

      One of our military sons finally admitted that the prickly little chip he had on his shoulder from day one was because we were Ivy Leaguers, so he assumed we looked down on him for being just an Army grunt with a high school diploma.

      We pretty much read him the riot act about what the so-called Ivy Tower Elite really are like and how DELIGHTED we were that our daughters had chosen military men.

      He mellowed out some after that, but still kept on dissing himself for being dumb. Now … understand this. His wife really is a brainiac. She was recruited into an Honor’s program at one of the top ten small colleges in the nation and graduated with a double major in just four years, during which she’d worked at one to five jobs at a time.

      One day, I told Mama Buzz that I’d read him Riot Act #2 and she said she had told him virtually the exact same thing in the same week! LOL The gist of it was, “We all know your wife is super smart and that she chose YOU for her life mate. When you call yourself dumb, you’re disrespecting her. So knock it off.”

      He’s now taking college classes while serving full time in the Army. He has a 4.0. I have no idea what his IQ is. He says he “barely graduated from high school.” He shaves his head and proudly wears the uniform. Barack Obama would sneer at him. I’d take one of him over a thousand like Obama any day of my life.

      As for Gerald Ford … I’d take one of him too.


      • Why is it that so many people with high IQs rate so low in the common sense department? One person with common sense is generally worth a hundred members of MENSA.

        I had a friend in college who was an outstanding student, always got straight As, was valedictorian of her graduating class, etc., etc. After college she went on to grad school and got her master’s and doctoral degrees. I lost touch with her and only recently reconnected with her on Facebook, and was dismayed to learn that she’s a total lefty now. She posted some rant a while back about how stupid Rick Perry is because he “doesn’t believe in global warming.” I didn’t want to get into an argument about it, so I didn’t mention that many respectable scientists say GW is a hoax, but I did (politely) correct the error she had made in saying that Rick Perry doesn’t believe in GW — what he said was that he wasn’t convinced that human activity was responsible for it. Her response: “Who is, then? Extraterrestrials?” This brainiac PhD had apparently never heard of the sun.


        • chrissythehyphenated

          ROFLLL … it probably wasn’t in her core curriculum. Specialists are people who learn more and more about less and less until eventually they know everything there is to know about nothing at all.


          • Yep… she’s an expert on some obscure arcane branch of medieval literature or something like that…


            • chrissythehyphenated

              Wow. We have so many things in common. I shared an apartment in college with a PhD candidate in Comparative Literature. Her specialty was the Middle Ages.

              She and I worked together on Carter’s campaign, but I got a clue and stopped supporting Democrats after that. I bumped into her later and she was utterly disgusted that I was voting for Reagan.