Majority support voter ID laws

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Again and again, we see Obama and company siding with the Far Left Minority.

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69% of Likely Voters say voter identification laws are not discriminatory. Obama and company say they’re RAAACIST!

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You KNOW how much the unions LOVE Obama, especially when he’s handing them waivers to that ObamaCare thing they so strongly supported. Freaking hypocrites!

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So … it’s RAAACIST to need id to vote, but not to get into a concert featuring People of Color?

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4 responses to “Majority support voter ID laws

  1. We have to show a photo ID when we buy gas, cash a check and sometimes get into work. Are we disenfranchised? So, if you have nothing to hide, why is showing a photo ID a problem when you vote? When did it become an act of discrimination to safe guard our most important democratic duty? Perhaps those who oppose the idea of providing verification of citizenship are counting on votes that may not be legitimate.


  2. Photo identification is a ubiquitous part of modern life in the United States and the world, and for good reason. To require a simple photo ID is a step in maintaining the integrity of the electoral process.

    The thought that producing a valid ID when I write a check at the local mart is acceptable but abhorrent when it comes to electing the most powerful man in the world is utter lunacy. Terms like “voter suppression” are divisive buzz words used by left-wing elements for one purpose, to engender fear and gin up there voter base.

    One can only wonder why legitimate elements within the United States would oppose taking reasonable steps to safeguard the most essential part of our democratic process. To quote myself “Perhaps those who oppose the idea of providing verification of citizenship are counting on votes that may not be legitimate”.

    The United States has traditionally been caught flat footed in dealing with its own vulnerabilities. In simple terms, our voting process is antiquated and susceptible to fraud and needs to be updated.


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