First Amendment Firefly Firestorm

Great video, especially if you’re a Firefly fan, like moi. Watch the whole thing. There’s a bit in the middle that makes it feel like the Firefly stuff is over, but it isn’t. And the very end is hysterical.

A University of Wisconsin professor put a quote from the TV show “Firefly” and entered a First Amendment firestorm. Though the university tried to deny this professor his First Amendment rights, new media pundits went on the offensive and using blogs and social media to protect his basic civil liberties.

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4 responses to “First Amendment Firefly Firestorm

  1. FIRE’s video about its victory over the speech police:

    (As most of you know, I live in the town where the brouhaha took place. So, for that matter, does Neil Gaiman. I have never met him personally, but my kids are friends with his kids.)


    • By the way, although I love Bill Whittle devotedly, I admit to having been mildly offended by his mistaking that loopy-leftist chief of police (pictured and quoted in both videos above) for a literature professor. She is a cop, not a professor, and as someone who majored in literature in college, I resent the implication that people in college literature departments are more likely to be loopy leftists than (say) folks in the economics department or the political science department or the foreign language department or the psychology department or… you get the idea. Okay, end of rant.


      • chrissythehyphenated

        ITA. It took me right to the college deadline to decide on a major, because I kept trying different departments looking for some place I fit in. I ended up with Art History, choosing my favorite period (Medieval), but even then, had trouble graduating because the only prof who would take my thesis topic for that time period was a total [fill in bad word] who left town without turning in my grade. If a secretary had not taken pity on me and two hours before the “you ain’t gonna graduate” deadline, searched said […]’s office, found my thesis and hand delivered the grade to the correct office, I’d have been totally screwed. … Funny thing though. My thesis was selected as the best example of student work for an Art History symposium. I even got to present it. Harumph.