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Mid-December Poll Results

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This is the closest I’ve ever seen American Adults match Likely Voters.

I’m curious what all y’all think of the disparity in the responses on this poll. The most puzzling thing to me is the 1% who approve of the job Obama is doing overall, but don’t think he should be reelected!

Other puzzlers …

5% = “I approve of the job he’s doing overall, but think he’s doing badly on my most important issue.”

5% (ish) = “I don’t think Obama should be reelected, but I’d vote for him over (Romney) the only Republican the media hasn’t crucified yet.”

9% (ish) = “I don’t think Obama should be reelected, but I’d vote for him over (Gingrich) the leading (at the time the poll was taken) Republican the media has been crucifying for weeks.”

RE: (ish) = 5% were DK on “should be reelected” vs 7% on “would you vote for.”


Dec 8-12, 2011 poll by AP-GfK: Phone interviews with 1,000 adults nationwide. MOE ± 4.

Dec 8-12, 2011 polls by Rasmussen: Daily phone interviews of 500 likely voters are reported on a three-day rolling average basis. MOE ± 3. http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/obama_administration/daily_presidential_tracking_poll

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You gotta see this to believe it

Ron Paul made a speech in congress in 2002.

This video matches his predictions to events during the subsequent 10 years.

Check it out.

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Definitions and lies

U.S. to Expand Its Definition of Rape in Statistics – January 7, 2012

The federal government is changing its longstanding definition of “forcible rape” in compiling national crime statistics to include male victims. The new definition has been in the works for several months and was formally announced by the Obama administration on Friday.

Obviously, when you expand the definition of the crime, the incidence of that crime will be higher. But the pre and post definition change numbers are apples and oranges.

Nevertheless, I fully expect to hear Democrats touting the totally expectable increase in rapes as evidence that Republicans are evil.

Heck. Joe Biden doesn’t even bother citing genuine statistics now!

In October 2011, Obama’s vice president stated repeatedly that rapes would increase if the GOP did not pass Obama’s jobs bill.

His rationale was that the jobs bill included money to help local governments avoid layoffs of police officers and he cited an alleged skyrocketing of rapes in Flint, Michigan, after its police force was cut dramatically.

In this video, “Joe Biden Stands By Rape Reference to GOP”, he gets real snarky with a reporter and states emphatically that the facts back him up.

Teensy weensy problem, Joe-Bob.

Chrissy’s Site Bites: http://news.webshots.com/photo/2673108420056011884HQyOUh
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