New Candidate Pages

Take a moment to peruse the newly added Candidates page above for links and information about specific GOP primary presidential candidates.  You’ll find links for each candidate’s campaign website.  You can also utilize the candidate pages for adding links and information about specific candidates that others might find useful in deciding how to vote in the upcoming primaries or how to get more involved.  News items should still be posted on the daily grudge, but this will give everyone a place to look for candidate-specific information, rather than hot issues.

If you haven’t checked it out already, there’s also a new page with countdown timers for the upcoming primaries/caucuses.  I’ve added a link there, as well as on the Candidates page, to the GOP Primary Debate Schedule (which includes links to archives of each past debate).  Don’t Forget…the first of two debates in New Hampshire is tonight at 9pm EST on ABC, followed by a 9am EST (yes…that’s AM!) debate on NBC.  Links to the ABC debate live stream are available on the debate schedule page.


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7 responses to “New Candidate Pages

  1. An interesting piece about what each of the candidates needs to do in the upcoming debates in order to improve their standing.

    I’ve been thinking that the lack of debates over the holidays has probably hurt Newt Gingrich the most.


  2. chrissythehyphenated

    Rose, this is fantastic! Thanks so much!


  3. I’m trying to kick start a list of Obama Fail to help the GOP limp over the finish line this November.

    We can do this 😀


  4. What A Hoot

    This. Is. Great!!!!! Oh, AND it is GREAT!