Coping Skills

Dearest and I have really been struggling with repeated bouts of anger, rage, frustration, etc. etc. over Obama and his gang of Socialist Destroyers.

On the one hand, we should be upset at what’s happening. On the other, we should not let those [fill in dirty words] ruin our lives.

I’ve been pondering coping skills and thought I’d blog about them, maybe help some of us get through this next year without going nuts.

Dearest once asked our infantry son, “What do you do when you’re attacked?”

“First, control something. It can be anything. Just pick something and control it.”

I’ve since come across a similar idea in some psychobabbly thing, that doing something … anything … to control or change a bad situation is enormously beneficial to you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

We can’t function when we’re tense, angry, fearful and obsessed. Doing something … controlling something … helps break into the bad and move us toward the good.

There are the active work things we all try to do and often talk about here. Pete posts the Grudge, which I hope helps him as much as posting here helps me.

I want to continue with the Logic series and the economics and political party control graphs. I am getting good results with my New Year’s resolution about my time management approach, so I’m hoping I’ll become more efficient and make some progress with those two projects.

But there are other things we could be doing to help us all cope. Today, I want to share something I am finding really helpful and that may appeal to some of you as well.

I have a friend who has Bipolar disorder. Her 2-year-old son was also diagnosed with it recently and their mood swings are a real strain on the marriage and family, so I’m trying to help as much as I can.

The meds work, but have side effects. And it’s pretty scary to be giving drugs to a toddler! So she’s really motivated to learn about natural remedies that can help them keep the meds to a minimum.

I created mood stabilizing essential blends for her and her son. (Being so young, he has his own.) She says they really help.

Her recipe has also become my personal favorite. It really works! If I’m too up, it helps mellow me out. If I’m too down, it helps lift my mood.

The therapeutic value of essential oils is in their molecular structure, not their smell. They do their good work via the blood stream, so you can inhale them or rub them on your skin. (Do not ingest or use them undiluted on skin without specific guidance.)

If you have allergies, test the oils individually before making a blend, then test the blend. I have very severe allergies, but tolerate a good range of oils and get tremendous therapeutic benefit from them.

Here are two ways to use my blend:

Mood Stabilizer Massage Oil

MIX in clean glass bottle (big enough for adding 1 oz. carrier oil):

3 drops each: Bergamot, Lavender, Rosewood

2 drops each: Chamomile (Roman), Mandarin, Jasmine, Rosemary

Cover and allow to rest for 24 hours before using. I love to massage this stuff into my feet and then slip on a pair of soft, clean socks. When my friend is having a bad day, her hubby gives her a back rub and they both benefit.

Mood Stabilizing Inhaler Tube


6 drops each: Bergamot, Lavender, Rosewood

4 drops each: Chamomile (Roman), Mandarin, Jasmine, Rosemary

Follow the directions at “Making an essential oil inhaler tube” @

Inhaler tubes are fantastic for essential oils. They allow personal inhalation (rather than room diffusion which might bother someone else) and are so tidy and long-lasting that you can keep them anywhere.

E.g., keeping an inhaler charged with peppermint oil in your glove box could save your life some night when you find yourself getting drowsy, but there’s no coffee stop for miles.

E.g., keeping an inhaler charged with tangerine oil in your purse could save your sanity when your kid is getting too wild for the venue. All the orange oils are calming, but tangerine is particularly safe for little ones. (Diffuse it at their birthday parties to keep the Wild Things at bay.)

My favorite source for essential oils and aromatherapy supplies is AromaThyme @

Scroll to the bottom of the home page to get links to the pure oils pages (alphabetical). “Plastic Scent Inhaler Tubes” are available in packages of 6 for $9.95 on the “Aromatherapy Supplies” page.

If you’re new or confused, email She’s really nice and will help you figure out what you need and how to order it.

Once upon a time, she wasn’t carrying Tansy Blue. I’d gotten some elsewhere and found it quite effective for allergy relief. When I asked, she found a source and added it to her regular stock, so now I don’t have to pay separate shipping to get just that one oil from another supplier.

P.S., I’m not getting a kick-back from her! πŸ™‚


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30 responses to “Coping Skills

  1. Ting

    This is interesting, Chrissy. So far I have been able to manage with a hot bath, but I think the oils look like something I would be interested in trying one day.


    • Chrissy, could you give a little more information about how you use Tansy Blue? My teenage daughter has environmental allergies and I’m looking for something to help her. Any info you can give would be much appreciated!


  2. I used orange oil when I felt nauseous during pregnancy and it worked miraculously!


  3. Pistol Pete

    I can’t relate;I’ve never been pregnant.


    • Ting

      Thank goodness for that!


      • I’ve been pregnant four times and each pregnancy was harder than the one before. That’s why I have only four kids, rather than the eight I thought I wanted before I found out how hard pregnancy would be. πŸ™‚


        • We wanted six…now we’re shooting for four!


          • Four’s a good number. πŸ˜‰


          • Ting

            Maybe twins are in your future!


            • I’m torn about that. Having two at once would mean one less pregnancy, but it would potentially be more difficult. I had pre-eclampsia in my first two, so I’d hate for that to happen with twins. However, I am used to having my babies early, which also happens a lot with twins. Only time will tell!


              • Ting

                Well, it’s not like you have any control over it all, so you have the best attitude!


                • chrissythehyphenated

                  Good point. People would ask me if I wanted a boy or girl and I’d say, “I’m really hoping it’s not a puppy.”

                  I mean … what? I’m going to say out loud I wanted all girls so that, if I had boys, some thoughtless twit could tell them years later, “You know, your mom really wanted girls.”

                  I had the same feeling about the “just so it’s healthy” remark. Our child was our child from the moment of conception. Period.

                  Abby Johnson makes that point when she counsels unhappily pregnant women who say, “I’m not sure I’m ready to be a mother.”

                  “Honey. You already are a mother.”


                • That “just so it’s healthy” thing is one of my pet peeves. I never knew ahead of time whether my babies were male or female, so whenever I was pregnant people were always asking me what I was hoping for, and when I replied that I was sure I’d like the baby just fine whichever it was, the interrogator would always say, “Just as long as it’s healthy, right?” — implying that if there were anything amiss, I wasn’t going to love him/her. Do people ever stop and think how insulting it is to say that to a pregnant woman?


                • chrissythehyphenated

                  IKWYM. I really wanted to say, “What? You think if it’s defective, I’ll leave it at the hospital?” but opted for the puppy line. It always got a kind of wide eyed choking response, so I think maybe they got the point and perhaps never made that healthy remark again.


        • chrissythehyphenated

          Our 3 wonderful daughters have brought 3 wonderful sons into the family, so Dearest got his wish for 6 kids after all. πŸ™‚


  4. GP

    I have two obsessions in life. Health and Politics! So seeing your post today was really exciting. While I try to keep up with all the great political posts you all make here, I do not respond much because I am so busy with my holistic health website,
    I am heartened to see you trying to help your friend holistically. There is indeed a place for essential oils. But she also needs to look into the importance of nutrition and specific supplements. Magnesium and iodine deficiency play a huge role. Tell her to check out a book called “A Promise of Hope”. It is written by a woman with bipolar who got her life back with nutrition and supplements.
    Nutrition is the key to all of our chronic health issues. It has been the impetus that I have been able to overcome cancer and now feel better than I ever have.
    Contact me if anyone wants to know more about the iodine protocol. It has changed my life, and saved my life.


  5. Violet

    Deep breathing works wonders, too, but the trick is in the exhale…force ALL of the air out of your lungs before taking your next breath. You can say a little ‘meditation’ to help you stay focused on your breath. The one I use is by Thich Nhat Hanh (a hero of mine): ‘breathing in, I calm my mind. Breathing out, I smile. Living in the present moment, I know this is a wonderful moment.’ Works great for both anxiety attacks and anger!

    Also, I should thank you for this blog. This is my first comment although i read polination daily. Chrissy, I was a fan of your site bites on a different conservative blog a while ago; glad to have found you are now posting them here!


  6. Ting

    I am glad to see you, too, Violet.