Good News for Unborn Americans

Planned Parenthood suffered a 28% drop in private donations last year. And, following Texas’ decision to yank a considerable amount of its taxpayer funding, Planned Parenthood has had a number of closing and cut backs.

The PP abortuary in Sherman, in the northern part of the state, has already closed as a direct result of the cut in funding. In Hidalgo County, PP said it will be closing four of its centers and laying off half of its staff.  In Waco, three centers are closed and the remaining one site will have only one nurse practitioners, down from three.

PP claims the government cuts will deny women access to some non-abortion health care, but that’s a lie. Thousands of other agencies and medical offices are located throughout the state that provide the same or better quality health care for women without doing abortions.

For example, in Waco, the Texas legislature did not remove women’s health care funding, but switched funding from Planned Parenthood to Waco’s Family Health Center which provides family planning and other health care services, but does not do abortions.

And it’s not just Texas! Planned Parenthood is no longer doing abortions at some of its Arizona locations because it refuses to follow new pro-life laws enacted in that state. And a Planned Parenthood abortion referral center in Northeast Ohio will be closing due to financial difficulties.

It’s not even just Planned Parenthood! An abortion center in Pensacola, Florida and a chain of abortion centers in California have reportedly shut down. And earlier this year, two Pennsylvania abortion clinics were closed by state officials and the owner decided to retire rather than clean them up.



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2 responses to “Good News for Unborn Americans

  1. This is a heartwarming story about how the choice to carry a baby to term and then putting the infant up for adoption can turn out:

    Disclaimer: The proud new daddy works in the Sec. of State’s office (where I work also) and is state legislator – of the Democrat persuasion. He’s a great guy and this experience will undoubtedly impact his perspective on the right to “choose”.


  2. Good news indeed! Let’s hope this trend continues.

    Here’s an interesting column by Mark Crutcher on the pro-abortionists’ pedophile protection racket.