Venting my spleen

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I’ve been going to Legal Insurrection for a while and even have (had) it on my tool bar because Jacobson seemed so savvy. No more.

At his blog on the Colmes thing,

Jacobson referred and linked to the blog he did in October 2009 about the first of Obama’s two offensive Dover photo ops.

Obama at Dover By William A. Jacobson – October 30, 2009

President Obama made a trip to Dover Air Force Base to be present when the coffins of troops and DEA agents were returned from Afghanistan.

I have no problem with it.

One thing I’ve learned in life is that everyone mourns in his or her own way.

I reject the attempts by some on the left to use this event as an excuse to attack George W. Bush, who chose to mourn in private with the families of soldiers killed in action, rather than greeting coffins in public.

I similarly reject attempts by some on the right to use this event as an excuse to attack Obama, who chose to mourn at the scene of returning coffins with photographers recording an event he considered important.

To each, his own.

That’s right, Professor. To each his own.

And in this Blue Star Mom’s case, the choice is to realize you a really special kind of stupid and no longer merit my attention.

Obama’s callous “casket as photo op prop” was not a PERSONAL MOURNING choice. It was a PR event designed to mitigate some of the damage his inept war-time leadership had caused.

Apparently, I was wrong to think the Leftist PR moron who cooked up this scheme was dumber than dirt.

You know, me, I’m thinking … seriously? You’re going to make Conservatives believe you give a crap about dead soldiers by EXPLOITING our worst nightmare?

Duh me! Who knew there were dimwits out there who had caught a clue about the wisdom of Conservative economics, but were still infested with liberal icky-itis about all things Military?

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  1. Pistol Pete

    I posted a link to this article in the Grudge today.I compared Colmes to a greasy little weasel.I hereby apologize to weasels everywhere.