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Bad news first: The Senate confirmed Obama’s nomination of a Planned Parenthood board member to the Alaska Supreme Court. I’m suuuuure we can count on her for unbiased judicial decisions. ::snort::

Weird news next: There’s a bill before Congress that would ban RACE-based abortions. Opponents of the bill include the NAACP, the National Council of Jewish Women and 45 other U.S. allegedly pro-civil-rights groups. And they call US racists? Go figure.

Good news third: We got an early Christmas gift from the baby killers! Planned Parenthood is feeling the pinch and had to close four abortion referral clinics, one near Penn State University, two in the Northwest, and one in Alaska.

And now three stories of women who chose and how it affected them afterwards.

My Post-Abortion Story By Jewels Green – December 12, 2011

[Excerpted from Jewels’ story, which is posted in 3 parts at Life News]

After trying to kill myself to escape the overwhelming guilt after my abortion, I emerged from my month spent in an adolescent psychiatric unit with an incongruous newly-found zeal for abortion rights. …

I completely bought the bill of goods I was sold: that abortion was somehow linked to women’s equality, that giving birth and making an adoption plan for an unwanted child (rather than killing it by abortion) was somehow unduly burdensome for a pregnant mother, and that countless women would die if abortion was illegal. …

Then I started having nightmares—nightmares that were no longer only about my lost baby—but about all of the babies killed by abortion where I worked every day, all of the babies killed by abortion everywhere. My sleep was haunted by tiny limbless phantom babies…

Many years and innumerable nightmares later … I finally opened my eyes. After learning of a surrogate mother who accepted payment of her surrogacy contract in full to abort the innocent baby with Down syndrome she was carrying for an infertile couple, something finally (finally!) clicked in my mind—pregnancy was now a commercial transaction: the little helpless human a commodity to be conceived, sold, bought, and disposed of at will—how gruesome and indefensible and reprehensible—and I had been a part of that “industry” for years.

My conversion to the pro-life worldview could never have happened without the courageous public testimony of Abby Johnson, the former Planned Parenthood Director who experienced a profound change of heart after watching an ultrasound-guided abortion, best described in her amazing book, Unplanned. Her courage and strength in the face of overwhelming opposition from her former employer (and former friends and co-workers) inspired the confidence I needed to fully change my mind and support the inherent right-to-life of all human beings from conception to natural death. …

Self-identifying as pro-life … has been a transformative experience for which I am grateful. But I still miss my baby.

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