New Year’s resolutions

I did a hard inventory of my personal short-comings yesterday and decided to move my banking and on-line business chores to the first-thing-in-the-morning top of my daily To Do list. All year, I’ve been leaving it to last, because I hate doing that stuff. Then, I was always too tired to concentrate on anything I find so difficult, so kept giving myself yet another day off.

Net result … a $30 bank charge I wouldn’t have incurred if I’d been paying attention and embarrassment at realizing I still had not replaced a necklace I sold out of my on-line store back in July … not because I didn’t have new pieces to post, but because only the making is fun for me.

The whole business thing … I dunno what happened. Maybe I am a throw back to some other generation, because my dad was a terrific salesman and my mom did all the books for his business. She could add figures in her head when the list was facing the wrong way. Me, I need a calculator, a strong cuppa caffeine and a ruler to slide down the list facing the right way. And even then I need to do it three times and get the same answer all three times before I trust the answer.

Dearest has often said, “Artists need managers.” I’ve used that as an excuse for a long time, but my webmaster is a very talented artist and she has made her little business not just work, but also grow. I decided for 2012, I’m going to try to be more like her.

So … I bared my soul (and Lil Buzz’s bum ::giggle::). Anyone else up to committing to a resolution? Having partners to keep you honest is supposed to help you succeed at making changes in your habits. πŸ™‚


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8 responses to “New Year’s resolutions

  1. Dee

    My resolution: enjoy this little baby when he gets here. Don’t worry about him sleeping through the night, when to start solids, etc. Snuggle him and don’t worry about spoiling him. Remember on the days that I’m exhausted that these days won’t last long and that if all I do all day is love him and love my daughter that it’s enough.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      During my first pregnancy, my mommy mentor (she had 5 then … eventually had 10) told me, “It’s impossible to spoil a baby during the first 6 months. After that, it depends on the child.”

      I asked how I’d know it was time to begin discipline. She laughed, winked and said, “Oh, you’ll know.” Boy did I ever. LOL

      Praying for you and yours every day, Dee. Keep us posted!


  2. Ting

    You are a wise and wonderful mother already, Dee. I never make resolutions, because I know that I will not keep them. I just wake up every day and try my best and work hard and that is enough for me. Maybe I could say that I make my resolution every morning when I get up and get moving to make that day productive.


  3. KellyM.

    Some of my wishes for 2012 is to first, strengthen my relationship with God. I always strive to be a bit more organized than the year before. It is amazing how much “stuff” we accumulate over the years. I will also do more to be a better mother, wife and friend than in the past. One of my biggest hopes for 2012 is to take back our country as so many of the things that I hold dear are in jeopardy if we lose in November. Perhaps the double rainbow I saw over our mountain is a good sign of things to come.


  4. chrissythehyphenated

    Dearest and I just had a really productive talk about my big ah-ha moment re: resolutions – i.e., look at root causes and choose a single, concrete task that will help address that root.

    He listed off all the things he is “going to do” … BTDT with him. His road is always paved with wonderful intentions that never go any further than making him feel good about how good his intentions are, then bad about how he never does any of it.

    I pondered the root cause and realized his root problem is deferring his value of himself as a man to other people when it should be coming from God.

    Because he is self-employed and the primary caregiver for his disabled-homebound wife, how he organizes his day is a BIG issue with far reaching consequences. And because he responds primarily to the person in front of him, he never can stick to any of his own ideal time management plans.

    Sunday afternoon is my “Dearest Slave Time” … I get 4 hours a week when he does what I want. This was set in “stone” wayyyyyyyyy back when we went to a marriage counselor rather than murder each other. She recommended it. I loved it. He agreed to it. And we’ve had endless “Where the hell are you THIS time?” arguments about it ever since, because he almost always acts more like a rebellious, resentful teen than a mature, responsible adult who has agreed that if I don’t nag him all week, I get those 4 hours of cheerful service.

    Today, however, following our discussion about replacing the person in front of him with God, I sent him down to his office to do a “slave” chore. He loves Excel, uses it all the time for punch lists and project schedules (architect things), so I assigned him to prayerfully go make a week’s IDEAL schedule … 7 days, hour by hour … putting in all those things he had just said he was going to do, like “spend 15 minutes a day organizing something in my (messy like you would NOT believe) office.” AND include my slave time! LOL

    We’re going to put it on the fridge and see how well it works, reassess in a couple weeks.


    • that is a phenomenal idea! Cant wait to hear how it’s working πŸ™‚ I have been doing pretty well and trying to do something productive (house-chore-wise) everyday. It’s a little easier to do on the days that Little Bunny sleeps well during the night because then I only have to interrupt my sleep once or twice instead of constantly and therefore do not spend half the day napping on the couch πŸ˜› We’re also trying to get back to making sure Buzz gets to play outside and also spend time working on different skills — I’ve been kept pretty busy just feeding and changing both kids (oh yeah, and making sure to feed myself and, if he’s lucky, my husband!) My husband has been great at working with him on colors and such, and they play catch every night in the hallway! one of these days, I will actually get it on video and you can all see the amazing Buzz catch a ball! Hurray!!!


      • chrissythehyphenated

        I’m looking forward to the video! I have the one you sent of him NOT catching the ball LOL. Might be fun to put them together with dates.

        I discovered something really extraordinary! I had often heard (and never believed) that it was best to do your worst, most dreaded task first thing. To me, it sounded like ruining a perfectly good day, but with my 2012 resolution, it became the de facto reality. And I learned something that surprised me …

        … after I finished the horrible chore of the day, rather than feeling all sour and grumpy, I suddenly experienced the kind of enormous flying sensation I had the time I faced my fear of heights and rappelled down a really steep cliff. It was amazing and totally unexpected!

        Today, I tackled my dreaded task with the delightful anticipation that, when it was over, I’d feel SO GOOD again! πŸ™‚