Classical Liberalism vs Modern Progressivism

VIDEO: The Tea Party vs. Occupy Wall Street [5:50]

This video presents a very simple explanation of the fundamental and extremely important differences that exist between the classical liberalism of the Tea Parties and the progressive agenda advanced by the OWS movement.

It is based on “Why Progressive Institutions are Unsustainable” by Richard A. Epstein, the Laurence A. Tisch Professor of Law at the New York University School of Law and Professor of Law Emeritus at the University of Chicago Law School.

My thoughts … the video says there is “no middle ground” between these two schools of economic thought.

Now … I have heard that Distributism is a middle ground or “third way” to Socialism and Capitalism and I agree with the Distributist principle, which is that the economic system that best promotes happiness and social justice is one in which capitalism is practiced by as many people as possible via family- and worker-owned businesses.

But I confess to know little about how Distributism works in real life.

The way I understand things, there is a spectrum with total government control of the economy on the Left end (Socialism) and zero government control of the economy on the Right (Laissez-faire Capitalism).

The way the video describes Progressivism definitely puts it at the Left end, but I’m not so sure the “classical liberalism” of the Tea Party movement is at the Right end.

All the Tea Partiers I know are middle class folks with families and, often, small businesses. And I’ve often heard it said that America is predominantly “center-right”, which looks to me like where Distributism falls as well.



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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    Speaking of small businesses … I just got this GOOD NEWS from —

    On behalf of all of the employees of, please allow me to offer our deepest and most heartfelt appreciation to you for your support and friendship throughout the year. 2011 was nothing short of amazing for us, and we have no one to thank other than you, our customers. You make it all possible, and we are so very grateful.

    One of the aspects of my job that I find most rewarding, and that your support makes possible, is that we were able to hire roughly 50 new employees this year.

    In many cases, these new employees are now able to provide for their families in a way that they may not have been able to in the past. I know that I express their gratitude to you for creating an environment in which they could have a sense of pride, personal responsibility, and accomplishment. Trust me when I tell you that they are smiling “ear to ear.”


  2. Ting

    I keep meaning to study more about Distributism. Where do the hours go?

    Hooray for!


  3. Interesting video! Thanks Chrissy!