Is this normal?!

I don’t know much about foreign diplomacy, but it seems seriously whacked that Obama did not have our Vice President and/or Navy Chief respond to a threat of this magnitude. Click on graphic to embiggen.

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2 responses to “Is this normal?!

  1. GP

    Hey PP, great to see you are still doing your roundup. You are a true warrior. I will have to try to remember to check in more. I am just so busy with my own website and business.
    What do you think about the gerimandering of your district?


  2. Pistol Pete

    It stinks.I’ve known Don Manzullo a long time.His parents had a really nice Italian restaurant in new Milford and I’ve spoken to him several times and get his newsletter.He is a back-bencher who heads the small business manufacturing subcommittee.Still,Kinzinger is young and a Tea Party favorite.I wish we could keep them both.
    Nice to see you here,GP;keep in touch!