The most selfish president ever

The Bush clan spent 12 Christmas holidays at Camp David because that venue allowed the greatest number of staffers to be with their own families. Obama can’t even spend Christmas DAY at his posh tropical rental so others can spend THEIR day with their wives and kids.


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11 responses to “The most selfish president ever

  1. I especially love how the Kool-Aid gulpers whine about the ‘sacrificin’ he does and spending time away from his family. He doesn’t seem to mind leaving them for hours on end to play golf.


  2. Ting

    Who plays golf on Christmas Day? I didn’t even think any of the courses would be open.


  3. Pistol Pete

    C’mon,Ting;what course wouldn’t be honored to have the Omnipotent “O” grace their grounds with his magnificence?They’d even replace his divots and pick up his cigarette butts for souveniers.
    I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.


  4. GP

    He must be the worst golfer ever! Even my husband, who plays on a crowded course and has to wait for the guys in front of him can drive half an hour each way, play 18 holes and be home by noon. What the heck are this fool and his butties doing on the golf course that takes so long?


  5. Was it here I read this joke? Hope not. A Muslim, a socialist, a homosexual, and a black man walk into a bar. The bartender says, “What’ll it be, Mr. President?” [crowd groans]

    Q: How many Congresscritters does it take to screw up our light bulbs? [A: That’s not funny!]

    If you took the total national debt in pennies and laid them side-by-side in a gigantic circle, they still wouldn’t be big enough to fit around BO’s ego. [h/t to Stan Lee & Steve Ditko, Spider-Man Annual #1, 1964, for inspiration on that one.]

    It’s been quite a year! My kids are all employed. I converted my vanity website and our old long-stagnant cafe-and-stage business site to modern-style content management. Some fifty years after I first spliced 16mm film together, I finally reached a life-long goal of editing video digitally. Also, I started following PoliNation (when I can). There were rough spots in 2011 — really, really rough spots, some of the hardest in my life — but here we are at the end of the year, still standing, however shakily. Persist we much!

    Y’all have a happy 2012, and if I’m not seen much ’round these parts, imagine it’s because I’m happily engaged in mopping up after 2011 and forging ahead toward success. Or sleeping it off.



  6. Ting

    Having all your kids employed is a good feeling, and a big accomplishment these days. Happy New Year, Mindful!


  7. On the other hand, the more time he spends on the golf course, the less time he can inflict more damage on the country.