Hyphenated Shutterbugs

Dearest and I went through his photos and chose the best of them for a photo album to give to his folks for Christmas. He got the car back (new alternator) and just left to see whoever is still hanging around the old homestead.

It’s just me and poos, so a good time for me to catch up on a few things … one of which is to make a new album at Chrissy’s Site Bites for my favorite Hyphenated photos.

Here are the first two that Dearest took when he was walking to get dog food, which we ran out of while the car was in the shop. He’s taken a lot of pics of this fountain, which is our village’s pride and joy. I think these two are among his best.



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6 responses to “Hyphenated Shutterbugs

  1. Ting

    That fountain would be anyone’s pride and joy – beautiful! I guess it is too cold for the water to be flowing? Hurry up, spring!


  2. chrissythehyphenated

    There’s a really beautiful story behind the fountain. It’s not the original. That one was melted down in the 40s to serve the war effort, but a lifetime resident really missed it, so she saved up and shortly before she died, was able to finance this gorgeous replacement that was carefully done from any historical imagery they could find of the original. At the dedication, the benefactor was well enough to come, but couldn’t speak, having lost her voice box to cancer. The village war memorial is in the same little park, which is between two churches. I don’t know who takes care of the grounds or plants all the flowers, but it is always beautiful … and a very special venue for our village celebrations, especially Memorial Day.


  3. chrissythehyphenated

    I spent hours and hours yesterday enjoying, sorting through, choosing and uploading photos to my new Hyphenated Shutterbugs album @