Deadly Sins

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Lies and division  continue to be two of the Democrats’ favorite ploys … all in the name of “transparency” and “fairness” of course. /sarc

Earlier this month, Democrat Senate leader Harry Reid spewed forth this divisive whopper:

“Millionaire job creators are like unicorns. They’re impossible to find, and they don’t exist… Only a tiny fraction of people making more than a million dollars, probably less than 1 percent, are small business owners. And only a tiny fraction of that tiny fraction are traditional job creators… Most of these businesses are hedge fund managers or wealthy lawyers. They don’t do much hiring and they don’t need tax breaks.”


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True to form, the Leftist Media didn’t bother to fact check. They just reported the Democrat Talking Point of the Week:

“Harry Reid says millionaires who create jobs are as rare as unicorns!”

NPR even went so far as to launch the kind of boots-on-the-ground, nose-to-the-grindstone, journalistic digging-up-of-the-truth that one has come to expect from tax-funded Leftist “news” organizations. /sarc

  • First … they called “numerous Republican congressional offices, including House and Senate leadership” asking for the names of millionaire job creators they could interview.
  • Then … when they couldn’t find a single Republican who was DUMB ENOUGH to hand any private American over to NPR’s tender loving mercy, NPR triumphantly reported that, by GUM, Harry must be right!

What a darn shame it is that we can do actual fact-checking via the internet! /sarc

Clearly, the internet needs to be regulated to limit fact-checking to only Reliable News Sources … like NPR. /sarc

I don’t actually need all these /sarc tag, do I?

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Harry’s purpose, of course, was to pimp the latest Democrat scheme to raise taxes.


His goofy reference to unicorns was supposed to suggest that evil-greedy-racist Republicans are LIARS when they claim that raising taxes will slow job creation.

Except he’s wrong.

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HISTORY shows the most likely result of raising taxes on millionaires will not only be FEWER jobs, but also LESS tax revenue!

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The tax Harry was unicorning for was a 1.9% surcharge on millionaires.

According to Paul Roderick Gregory at Forbes, that would raise AT MOST eleven billion dollars.

This is provided, of course, said scumbag millionaires didn’t go do something sneaky to avoid it, like hire a tax lawyer to find loopholes … oh wait, that would be kinda like creating a job, wouldn’t it. Whoops. My bad.

But let’s just suppose Harry was right and his “Envy the Rich” tax increase on millionaires would bring eleven billion extra bucks into federal coffers.

Wow! Eleven BILLION smackeroonies!

Let’s just balance that old budget with all that extra moolah, shall we?

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Oh, wait a minute. Eleven billion is chump change in federal coffers.

Or as Gregory puts it, “within the federal budget’s rounding error.”

Harry’s millionaire tax and unicorn snark is NOT about:

  • balancing the budget,
  • reducing the deficit or
  • creating jobs.

Harry’s millionaire tax and unicorn snark ARE about:

  • ANGER at evil-greedy-racist Republicans,
  • PRIDE in voting for compassionate-generous-tolerant Democrats,
  • ENVY of those who have succeeded,
  • GREED for government hand-outs, and
  • SLOTH excused by the alleged evil, racist power of allegedly rich, white Republicans.

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Sen. Harry Reid’s Unicorns: Fact Checking A Whopper By Paul Roderick Gregory – Dec 25, 2011

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4 responses to “Deadly Sins

  1. Great post and graphics.

    You know who is as big a liar as Harry Reid? Nancy Pelosi. Check out some of her lies here:


  2. If you’re open to an editing suggestion, read on. (And if not, then please ignore this comment! 🙂 )

    The graphic

    contains the phrase “paying down the principle”.
    I think it should read “paying down the principal”.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Dadgum it … you’re right. I’ll remember it’s PAL from now on, because my bank calls the the Phone Access Line PAL. So bank money loan princiPAL. Now … blast … fixing it means lousing up the URLs. That’s the only thing I truly dislike about Webshots. I can’t tweak a graphic and reload it with the same URL it had before. I can only delete and reload, which means anyone I sent it out to gets a broken link. sigh. Thank you, Red. As always, you are an invaluable asset in my Commitment To Accuracy! 🙂


  3. chrissythehyphenated

    BTW, Pelosi and Obama are among the 24% millionaire tax payers in that 24% who do not own businesses. NPR was looking for a job creator. In the interest of “fairness” (ha!), how about they look for a millionaire Democrat who DOES NOT take every deduction his/her tax lawyer can find. Speaking of unicorns …