Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Spreading holiday joy
One extremely generous individual man, known only as David, shelled out almost $16,000 of his own money to pay off the layaway items for 1,000 Kmart shoppers.
This man called up the store last week and asked if they would tally up the items on layaway which cost under $100. He then proceeded to write a check to the store for $15,916.61 to cover the bill.
Over the course of the next four days the store manager had the pleasure of calling up customers and delivering the news that their item was no longer on layaway — all thanks to the generosity of a complete stranger.
Inspired by this story of generosity, others have donated an additional $8,000 to the Kmart to pay for more layaway items.
Another woman and her husband paid off tabs at a discount story, then handed out cash and bought items for strangers at Goodwill.


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  1. I love this! Merry Christmas to all my blogging buddies!