A sock monkey dressed as a pirate

This intriguing flyer was top most in the Christmas box from the Corporals K & Y.

K (3rd born) called while her ham was in the oven. She assured us we’d get the flyer after we opened our gifts, which she wanted to listen to us do.

::riptearshred:: YAHOO! Mommy got a camera!!! … I dropped mine a while back but I need used stuff, so sent out an email hoping someone was about to upgrade anyhoo and would let me have their old one.

Mama Buzz was going to give me hers, but pow-wowed with the Corporals about how it didn’t really work all that well and they said they wanted to give me their “bang around” camera … K is a professional photographer and has a big, fancy camera. This is a small, pocket model for casual shots.

But it is way nicer than the one I dropped! Yay!

And I got it! Yay!!

::carefullyopentopreservepaperwhichisawastesinceChrissythrowsitalloutanyway:: Big grins from Dearest … the Corporals found the gourmet wool socks he loves and couldn’t find more of now that his have big holes in them.

And here is the result of the pirate sock monkey challenge!

I don’t know if my entry will qualify, since the elusive pirate sock monkey still has not been captured on FILM (just pixels). And I hear from a reliable source that Mama Buzz is planning to enter the challenge by dressing up Buzz’s sock monkey with their Mr. Potato Head Pirate Pieces. Stiff competition there!

For the record, “goobers” were the family play money we used to teach our girls how money works in the real world. I made a bunch of denominations, printed them on cardstock, cut them up and made a bank box. The girls were able to earn goobers doing tasks that benefitted the community, like vacuuming the living room or cleaning the toilet. They used them to buy things they wanted from us that we didn’t have any obligation to provide, like rides to the mall or delivery of forgotten items to school.

Oh … almost forgot. The Corporals also sent presies to the poos … pig ears (their fave), training treats (for me LOL), and a red penguin to go with their green penguin, which for reasons that escape me (not being a poodle) is their all-time favorite stuffie.

I dunno what it is about penguins! I bought them a really nice, all organic owl that they didn’t give the time of day to … poor thing. It’s probably got a complex and needs therapy.

But the instant I unwrapped the new penguin, they both leapt for it and gave it a thorough going over … thankfully not the puppy ripping open and disembowelling they used to do to their stuffies, but a gentle all-over slobberfication just to make it understand who it belongs to!

And, in case you’re wondering, they are poodles. We have the groomer do what’s called the “sport cut” because we like them to look like little lambies, not dorkie fashion accessories … hoping noone who just lurves the traditional frou frou poodle thing is offended. I don’t even fuss over my own hair. Sure not gonna fuss over theirs!


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2 responses to “A sock monkey dressed as a pirate

  1. Jan and her poodle crew

    Absolutely loved it, well done. Once again you seem to shine when it comes to creative Christmas info. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and have a fantastic New Year. Give the “girls” a big hug for me.
    Jan and her poodle crew


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Hey, Jan … NICE to see you :).

      Jan’s “poodle crew” includes Dewey’s and Daisey’s mums and dads!