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For the tree-less among us

Buzz and Bunny’s tree!

Dearest’s Christmas angel is still watching out for him. He had to get himself to the mechanic’s today. Naturally, his bike tires were flat, so he set out to walk the five-ish miles.

A fellow who was out delivering Christmas packages picked him up, drove him to the mechanic, WAITED for him to finish and then brought him home!

I admitted to him that I’m not too busted up that he’s staying home this year and he said, “I’m happy to spend Christmas with you!”

“It’s nice of you to say so, but I know you have to be disappointed. So thank you for not whining about it.”

He’s a good man … possibly why his angel is working over-time making the car thing as easy as possible.

BTW, I painted the abstract on the right. I think it was the last piece of art I created before meeting my Dearest for the first time. The batik was a wedding present.

Mama Buzz always loved these two and our walls are jam packed with art that we Hyphens have created, so we let her have them.

There’s actually a third piece in the set, something Corporal K made in high school Advanced Painting and Sculpture. Not sure where that’s hanging, no doubt nearby.


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