The Biggest Hypocrite

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Barack Obama, Jr., has earned more than $13 million from the sale of his books, which included his 1995 memoir “Dreams From My Father”, as in “Dreams from my Kenyan father who grew up and is buried in Kogelo, Kenya.”

Our president routinely accuses others of greed, selfishness and racism, yet he himself has done nothing whatsoever for the very poor village of Kogelo, Kenya, where his African relatives still live and where he himself made public promises to help.

Back in August 2006, Obama visited Kogelo. They treated him like a hero.

While he was there, he visited his African relatives, including his step-grandmother, Mama Sarah. Now 88 years old, she still lives in the same small house and supports herself with her homegrown fruits and vegetables.

Mama Sarah’s house has a concrete floor, but no running water, and the kitchen and latrine are outside. Several of Obama’s cousins and uncles live nearby in smaller, equally primitive one-room houses.

Obama also met with Mary Manasse, who now sells staples such as bread and cow’s milk packaged in old soda bottles.

“Back then I was looking after 40 orphans at the orphan center,” she recalled. “We faced a desperate shortage of money, and Obama told us that he especially liked special, dedicated projects like ours and wanted to help.

“A few months later we were forced to shut down the orphan center because of lack of funds. Just a million Kenyan shillings (about $12,000) would have kept us going another year. I feel disappointed that he did not come through.”

$12,000 to keep 40 orphans housed, clothed and fed. What a bargain! What would that buy in the Chicago projects? Welfare for one family maybe?

During his visit to Kogelo, Obama got the grand tour of The Senator Obama Kogelo Secondary School, which was built on land donated by his paternal grandfather.

For his visit, the students (a third of whom are orphants) sang songs in his honor (Obama mmm mmmm mmmm) and danced with him.

He was shown the school, which consisted of four dilapidated classrooms that, like Mama Sarah’s, had outdoor latrines and no running water or electricity.

During his visit, Obama TWICE told the principal, teachers, assembled press and local politicians that he planned to help the school.

“I know you are working very hard and struggling to bring up the school,” he said. “I have said I will assist the school, and I will do so.”

The school’s board of governors presented a nine-page proposal to him. For $8.2 million Kenyan shillings, about $98,000 American, they hoped to

  • Sink a borehole and build a water tank,
  • Erect a perimeter fence,
  • Complete a science laboratory,
  • Add new classes,
  • Build additional latrines and
  • Add a school dining hall.

$98,000. You can’t put in a sidewalk for that in the states! And it’s not much money, when you consider how much Obama’s made off his African father’s memory.

It’s not like he doesn’t know how to donate to charity. he gave away all of his $1.4 million Nobel Peace Prize, which granted wasn’t legal for him to accept in the first place, but still.

He wasn’t all that generous with his own money when his tax returns were private. But these days, he spread the wealth around a lot more.

His 2009 tax return shows he even donated $329,100 of his own money to charity.

Granted, most of them were American charities, but he sent $2,000 to the Haiti Foundation of Hope and Haitians can’t even vote for him.

But they also aren’t related to him. You’d think family would count more … but maybe Kogelo isn’t a valid tax deduction and the Haitians were.

Obama’s African relatives and the villagers have pretty much given up HOPE by now that their rich and famous American-homeboy-who-made-good will ever come through on his promises to CHANGE their lives for the better and WIN THE FUTURE for their children.

Still … there has been one big improvement in Kogelo in the years since Obama’s triumphal visit.

Solar panels are now providing clean, reliable and affordable electricity to light the school and Mama Sarah’s house.

They were a gift from Greenpeace.


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