Some guardian angels wear camo

Dear Lord, keep our soldiers safe! Amen.


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6 responses to “Some guardian angels wear camo

  1. “We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.” –George Orwell


  2. chrissythehyphenated

    I hope nobody’s offended about this. I certainly do not mean to imply in any way that Jesus wanted or needed an armed guard.

    This nativity display is from the first Christmas we had to endure with a child in harm’s way. It’s about us wanting angels to watch over our soldiers, something we feel especially keenly this week.


  3. Pistol Pete

    If anybody’s offended,Chrissy,they need to push off.Nobody has more right to lift up our warriors than you do.I know in my heart that Jesus is holding your kids in his powerful arms.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Thank you. That is a very comforting image!

      Whenever I get into a worry spiral, I “go to the rainbow.”

      Last summer, the Buzz family was in the path of a wildfire at the same time our two were packing to deploy. The day rain fell (the first in 6 months), put out that fire and freed us from one giant worry, Mama Buzz took a photograph of a rainbow from her back porch.

      We learned later this was the same day our daughter actually left the U.S. So I printed that photo and have it framed on my desk, right next to my computer monitor.

      It would puzzle anyone who didn’t understand, because it’s not a great photo … just a lot of roofs, storm clouds and a very small rainbow in the distance. But for me, it’s a hug from God and I am comforted every time I see it.


  4. Pistol Pete

    Chrissy,speaking,I think,for everyone on this board you are truly a treasure with all the talent you bring.Be strong for your kids and trust in the Lord.You owe Him no less than that.