Ta da! I finished the mascots’ presies!

Hey, it’s only the 20th and they only have to cross eleventy-seven states between now and Saturday. Hmm hmmm. And, no I did NOT finish their parents’ present. But it’ll be SO cool when I do finish it that they won’t mind at ALL. Or else they’ll be really polite and pretend they didn’t care, like they did when it took me three years to finish their wedding quilt. Ahem.

The snuggle quilts are small, about 2 feet, and made with very thin batting and a flannel backing. They’re good for tiny babies who aren’t moving around yet … interesting to look at, easy to launder. Also great for car seats and huggy comfort and dolly blankies.

Bunny’s is Noah’s Ark themed; she also got two soft fabric blocks to match her quilt. Buzz’s is Mother Goose themed; he also got a big boy apron in a manly pattern for his art projects and helping Mama and Daddy with stuff.

When Dearest’s paternal grandmother passed away, we were allowed to choose sentimental reminders. I grabbed the button box and have been using its little treasures to “special up” gifts for the kids ever since.


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3 responses to “Ta da! I finished the mascots’ presies!

  1. Ting

    They are going to love those – and so will their Mom. You have so many talents!


  2. That is SO cool, Chrissy!