Class v Crass – The third First Family Christmas edition

The Obama’s 2011 Hawaiian Christmas is likely be their most expensive tax-payer funded First Family vacation to date.

And that’s saying something.

The round trip cost of flying Air Force One from Washington to Hawaii and then back again comes to $3,271,611 all by itself.

(Camp David is 56 miles from D.C., which would require the First Family to take a quick ride on MH-1 with its usual escort.)

Then there is the USAF C-17 cargo plane needed to bring Presidential limos, helicopters and other essentials along.

(Camp David is already set up for every presidential need.)

Plus, there is the cost of transporting, feeding and housing all the security the family requires.

(Camp David is always staffed.)

Add in a few extras — like Michelle decided to travel separately for an addition $100,000 for personnel, travel and security — and you quickly hit the Big Round Number of FOUR MILLION DOLLARS.

Okay. So the president needs to get away from the pressures of his job.

Dubya went to his ranch, which had to be set up for a presidential visit only ONCE for the whole 8 years; the Left squealed every time about how many days he was out of the office during his presidency and how LAZY he was.

Obama goes somewhere new 8 times a year for official vacations (plus dozens and dozens of golf games and endless trips for supposedly presidential business that seem to oddly coincide with major Democratic fund-raisers) and the Left “goes Awwwwwww, he needs to get away.”


For a two week vacation?

In what Oblahblah keeps on calling “the worst economy since the Great Depression”?

When was the last time your family could afford a vacation?

And how far would four million bucks go in this economy?

In 2010, the median household income in the U.S. was $49,445. We’ll call it fifty grand, to make the math easier.

Four million dollars would support EIGHTY American families for a year.

That is how much BETTER the Obamas think they are than the rest of us.

And how about the “evil Bushitlers”? Well, they had a very different set of values.

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  1. I hope the Hawaiian people appreciate all the inconvenience a presidential vacation causes them as well as the additional money it costs their state for security. Add in the normal people who have their vacations ruined for the First family. They deserve the honor of hosting the Obamas!