I went to visit Red Pill’s blog and found this GEM in his/her “About” section, which I recommend to all y’all. It’s really interesting!


(I realize Red’s gravatar is male, but so is Integrity1st’s and I know she’s a female. So, Red, should we call you “him” or “her”?)


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  1. Confusing, isn’t it? There are several of us feminine types who use masculine gravatars and/or screen names… me, for example… but Red Pill isn’t one of them — he’s a REAL guy. 🙂

    Love the video!


  2. One thing about Reagan that I didn’t really appreciate until just recently is that he had to work with a Democrat-controlled House of Representatives for his entire Presidency! (And a Democrat-controlled Senate for the last two years of his Presidency).

    Obama moans and complains because he has to deal with a Republican-controlled House of Representatives. Obama needs to man up!


    • chrissythehyphenated

      I love the Christie video Pete posted where he says, “Cry me a river” about Obama’s whining about the evil Republicans who block all his good works. Yeah, duh. He had TWO YEARS with an all Democrat Congress and he still has a Democrat Senate. What a wuss.