Applying while Asian

Asians applying to schools are being encouraged to check “white” and not send photos with their application. This may be the first mass effort of a minority group to “pass as white” since Jim Crow.

Asian-Americans have done nothing to anyone besides study hard and get high test scores. Yet, studies have demonstrated what Asian parents and kids know. I.e., Asians are discriminated against in the admissions process.

At schools with racial quotas, EVERYBODY gets a better shake than Asians. Blacks get first dibs, then Hispanics.

Whites trail a distant third with Asians coming in fourth.

At schools that do not use quotas, the story is quite different. The student body at the California Institute of Technology is 39 percent Asian. The University of California at Berkeley is more than 40 percent Asian.

Who knew? Berkeley actually does something right.


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