This one’s for Mafia Rose :)


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5 responses to “This one’s for Mafia Rose :)

  1. Ting

    I want a hat like that! How ridiculous would it look on a grandmother type?


  2. They don’t come any cuter!!!


  3. Awww…for me? Is the hat one of your creations? That’s totally something I would put on my baby!


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Not mine, but thanks for thinking it could be :). A fellow Army wife of Mama Buzz likes to crochet. This pic (and my cold head) got me inspired to get out my crochet hook and make myself a cute hat too. At least “cute” is in the plan. I’m a rotten crocheter, so I’ll settle for “warm” if that’s all I end up with LOL.