Keepin’ it classy

HuffPo says he didn’t know the camera was on him. Oh. So what you mean is … Chuck Todd is not a class-less schmuck; he is just too stupid to realize that, when he’s on the set of a live national television show, waiting for his turn to tell the sheeple what to think, someone might aim a live camera at him?

When I sent this out as a Webshots postcard to my bloggy list, the CAPTCHA box said “comprises opaterd” … I kid you not. LOL


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3 responses to “Keepin’ it classy

  1. Ting

    So I guess something like this is the reason that Rush calls him “Chuck U. Todd.”


    • Yeah, I always wondered about that — now we know!


    • chrissythehyphenated

      LOL! Good one. I watched the video and he flipped that really quickly, which I cannot do. I mean … I do not use this gesture EVER and have tried it sitting here. I have to work at it. Really stop and think about how to get my middle finger to go up when the others are down. This suggests to me that Chuck U.’s facility with the gesture means he does it a LOT, thus deserves Rush’s nickname.